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Earth Catastrophe and geology sites in the Electric Universe

The Earth has suffered from many local and global catastrophes. These are more easily explained in an Electric Universe than a Gravity Universe. The sites below investigate either these Earth catastrophes or geology from an Electric Universe Theory perspective.

** gEUlogy | Electric Universe geology with articles index/sitemap
** ancient destructions | Earths catastrophes from gEUlogical and archeological investigations
** Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS) | The oldest society for catastrophist information and research
** kronia | An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Myth, Science, and Planetary Catastrophe
** thunderbolts forum | Electric Universe Theory Planetary Science including Earth and other objects
** Thunderbolts Picture Of the Day (TPOD) |  Earth Geology and the Electric Universe Theory
** The God King Scenario | Global disturbances (Catastrophes) asa result of Cosmic Chaos? Lots of links and resources
** The Velikovsky/Ackerman Scenario | Catastrophism - John Ackerman's sites

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