Author Topic: Mass Extinctions triggered by energy imput? Dark Matter or electrical surge?  (Read 6823 times)


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Change in energy from Dark Matter or Electric Universe circuit?

One thing that can seen from the suggested dates about the theory of super volcanoes and mass extinctions is that the event happens after the Earth has started to change. You do not seem to get one of these mass extinction events before the change in the Earths climate, it happens or is triggered once the Earths energy levels has increased or decreased.

So do changes in the Earth and perhaps its place in the electric circuit of our Solar System create these events?

This research paper abstract on "Volcanogenic Dark Matter and Mass Extinctions" may be getting closer to the truth but its a (dark) matter of interpretation. Dark Energy, Dark Matter and now Dark Flow do not exist apart from in a mathematical model. The reason for these Dark things is that science made a prediction, got it wrong by 95% and instead of wondering if they were wrong blamed nature and created Dark stuff.  Muttering under their breath that the Fucking Stupid Nature was at it again, getting it all wrong.

Volcanogenic Dark Matter and Mass Extinctions

Abstract: The passage of the Earth through dense clumps of dark matter, the presence of which are predicted by certain cosmologies, would produce large quantities of heat in the interior of this planet through the capture and subsequent annihilation of dark matter particles. This heat can cause large-scale volcanism which could in turn have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and other mass extinctions. The periodicity of such volcanic outbursts agrees with the frequency of palaeontological mass extinctions as well as the observed periodicity in the occurrence of the largest flood basalt provinces on the globe.
Volcanogenic Dark Matter and Mass Extinctions - arxiv .org

The creation of material for a Growing Earth in an Electric Universe would also be likely during massive energy events. Perhaps also the great floods were caused by the creation of water during an energy surge?

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