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Submerged Maltese Temples - Gebel Gol-Bahar

corner and hole for column (Gebel Gol-Bahar)

There are rumours of underwater or submerged Cart Ruts and Temples off the coast of the islands of Malta. Are these facts or fiction? Why have we not heard or seen more about them if they had been discovered? The fact that there might be underwater Temples off Malta should not be surprising as submerged structures and cities are now being found around the world. With Malta having some of the oldest Temples on the surface they could easily have them elsewhere, when sea levels were lower, and so now they are submerged.

It does seem strange that you could find evidence of a submerged Temple complex off Malta, seem to have video and photographic evidence for it, put it on the net and it still remains a little known fact and even questioned if it does exist. I supose you need to get very good proof or photographic evidence before people will believe they are not natural shapes but have to be man made.

If anyone is interesting in working together to locate and confirm Gebel Gol-Bahar and the other underwater sites mentioned below then please join up to the forum and contact us.

stairs and floor (Gebel Gol-Bahar)

Gebel Gol-Bahar appears to be an underwater Maltese Temple, of the coast of Sliema about 3 miles out. Here is a 7 minute video link that shows an expeditions dive to the submerged Temple of Gebel Gol-Bahar. At nearly 2 minutes in you will see what could be steps leading down to a flat floor, and just after 6 minutes you will see perhaps what is stunning proof that this is a man made structure and not natural.

wall of building (Gebel Gol-Bahar)

If Malta had even more Temples that were lost to the sea, is this more evidence that Malta could have been the island of Atlantis, the island of Temples?

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Gebel Gol-Bahar - articles, photos and video
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The Underwater temples - Gebel Gol-Bahar, Malta

The Underwater temples - Gebel Gol-Bahar - The discovery

Qctober 31, 1999 - il Mument a government newspaper publIshes on front page artide discovoery.

UNIQIJE DISCOVERY IN THE MALTESE SEAS - Discovery of Structures that resernble rnegalithic temples in Maltese waters.

Structures that resemble megalithic temples have been discovered on the seabed in Maltese waters. These are currently being studied to establish as this discovery has been considered to be of great archaeological importance.

Effectively, the discovery was made on the 13th of July 1999 at 10 a.m.
In the zone where the underwater structures have been found, it seems there are also some form of Cart ruts and wells which resemble those found around on the island.

Malta, a rocky island situated in the Mediterranean between the tip of Italy and the coast of Africa had posed an archaeological enigma since the unearthing, earlier the passed century, of a series of megalithic structures older than any otherin Europe and elsewhere in the world. According to some studies the »temples« may be as old as 3500 B.C is said.

Description of Underwater Discovery

The honourable Doctor Hubert Zeitlmair explained that these structures are »three« stone circles units. Also, he revealed that the stone-circles sits on an underwater plateau about 900 x 500 meters long. The highest point of the plateau is exactly 19 meters below sea level that seems to be man made. The basic diameter of this top of the plateau a sort of platform is about a quarter of a sea mile.

With them are other fallen and broken constructure remains which are long and rectangular. The highest walls which are still erected were found in depth at approximately  10 meters below sea level, around 2 km off the North-East coast of Malta.

Dr. Zeitlmair also said that these structures are full of vegetation, however it can clearly be seen from the photos and film footage that the structure itself shows the same characteristics as the others which  found around on the island. The discovery of these structures will have diverse archaeological interpretations and the first implications are that this could be compared with the temples of Hagar Qim, Mnajdra, Ggantija and the Hypogeum.

This archaeological discovery has also brought about the discussion amongst archaeologists regarding the period in which they were built. Prof. Zeitlmair sustains that these structures were built at leasst 51.840 years earlier than the megalithic temples in Malta is said for and the questions that he is trying to answer are;

Who built these structures?,

When did they build them and for what purpose?

The basic diameter of the interior rooms are 9 – 11 meters and some of the highest walls that are still standing are 6 – 10 meters high. There is an avenue that goes up the center of the structure, crossing the kidney-like formed rooms indicating an orientation to an easterly direction, which would coincide with the rising sun (equinoxes and the winter solstices).

The Underwater temples - Gebel Gol-Bahar - The discovery - maltadiscovery .org

It also has one of the coolest logos i have seen, just wave your mouse over and around "MALTADISCOVERY" at the top of the page.

Report of marine exploration at the underwater temple site of Gebel Gol-Bahar  in May / June 2000

In my behalf, George and Chris have been going over calculations for the possible positions of the entire Megalithic temple complex of ?ebel ?ol-Bahar.

On Saturday, 13 May 2000, George and Chris launched the boat and on Sunday 14. May 2000 they have attended to its remaining needs. Right after that they left Msida harbour in direction to the said temple site.

When they finished a couple hours later, they have done a systematic exploration of the area. First George and Chris located the old 20 meter waypoint from November 1999 by the GPS's help.

Then from a preconceived plan, they started going in ever growing circles while observing the monitor in the »Tracking Mode«. Chris is very good in this sort of thing.

At a point due north east of the said waypoint, the monitor of the GPS showed »17« meters, then with another circle at the point due north east  »15« meters, again then  »11.7« meters and then »10« meters.

We estimate that the size of the area is of a diameter of 60 feet (20 meters). This diameter is according to our results of measure with temples on land in the particular with Mnajdra.

We came to think about it, the depth being 10 meters (30 feet) on the outer reef the depths being 11,7, 15 and 17 meters are something extraordinary. There seems to be like 2 vertical shafts & also spaces between rock. It looks that a freestanding outer wall that was separated from the inner room walls extended the temple. This means the different depths are the result of the remaining walls of that particular temple. The site is rich in bottom fish that fact goes in direction to a home.

It is the same place, the »Temple Site« I discovered in July 1999 and we have done further exploration in November 1999.

Continuing dialogue, as they left the harbour passing a particular point at the outer sea while observing the monitor in the »Tracking Mode«. This area too requires investigation but may be to deep for our divers. They both are sure to realise that the strange area has a depth of exactly 93 meters and is 1 nautical mile away from the »?ebel ?ol-Bahar« site.

We should go there to conduct depth research of the »Stones« area into consideration even if a dive is not possible, because this particular place is only 1 nautical mile away from the »?ebel ?ol-Bahar« site.

It is very likely that at this place is situated a sister temple following the same pattern as the others forming the ring around Malta!

End of the report.

If you have any question or need further information regarding the mentioned Stone tablets, do not hesitate to contact us.

In March 2007
Hon. Dr. Hubert  & Dagmar Zeitlmair
Bugibba – Malta
Augsburg – Bavaria state Germany

2nd marine exploration of Gebel Gol-Bahar

25)  G e b e l  G o l  B a h a r

This temple is situated underwater, two kilometers off the northeastern coast of St. Georges Shours.

It is on the highest elevation of a submarine ridge at a bright of about 900 to 500 meters. The highest point, the plateau has a diameter of about 450 meters and is exactly 19 meters below sea level (my discovery of 1999).
The Temple ring – a series of » Observatories «from humans distant past?

maltadiscovery - homepage
Gebel Gol-Bahar - 1st expedition and photos
Gebel Gol-Bahar - 2nd expedition
Gebel Gol-Bahar - underwater video
The Temple ring – a series of » Observatories «from humans distant past?


This is the site of the SECOND structure, the one rediscoved by Dr Tony Mifsud. The original discoveror of this site was the late Chev. Salvinu Scicluna, Secretary of the Malta Underwater Archaeological Club - which was in existance in the early to mid 1960's.

The one mentioned in the MUMENT article lies off St Andrews Firing Range, on a Sea Chart it is marked as a "sikka" some three miles offshore.

One cannot miss it, looks like a pimple.


Jo (DVX_Jo)


There are TWO suspected Megalithic structures, not counting OTHERS which have long been lost to our knowlegde, case in point is the fast dissappering Xrobb Ghagin Temple.

Mela, originally, the first Megalithic Structure was found off St Andrews Firing Range on a sea "mount", which can be seen in any Sea Chart, by a Maltese Diving Team ( The Arrigo's ) working under instructions of a German - the owner of the site .

The other Megalithic Structure was found off Sliema by Dr Anton Mifsud...



"Gebel Gol-Bahar" Underwater Temple - vivamalta .org/forum

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Hubert Zeitlmair and the Malta Vortex pillar (
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Hubert Zeitlmair and the Malta Vortex pillar (

Dr Hubert Zeitlmair seems to be the person who discovered or rediscovered the apparent submerged Maltese Temple that he calls Gebel Gol-Bahar. I have no issue with this as you can tell from the above posts investigating and promoting this likely underwater structure/Temple.

I also have no issue with other peoples theories, as mine are not exactly mainstream.

But I have had to make this post as Dagmar and Doctor Hubert Zeitlmair on their site to make sure that the work of plasma physicist Anthony Peratt combined with the work of the thunderbolts team (Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs, Wallace Thornhill, Don Scott etc) are not linked to his specific claim about the location of the ancient plasma instability seen in the skies by past civilisations (he says it was above Malta).

Making a mistake or getting information wrong is understandable and i reckon on this site i have done that more than most. Not being an expert in geology, history or plasma cosmology etc. But one of the few Electric Universe theory and plasma cosmology things that I have investigated are Peratt Instabilities and especially the Squatterman.

I was in email discussion with Zeitlmair about this but that has now stopped. So I have to make this post.

The Di.jet Object - A Depiction Of An Intense Aurora Pillar Above Malta

Hubert Zeitlmair and claim that there was a high energy plasma discharge projected or found above the Maltese islands of Malta and Gozo. He calls it The Vortex pillar.

For us there is no doubt that this intense, artificially created high-energy aurora column could be seen worldwide in a range of latitudes 50 degrees north to 33 degrees south. Rising above a set of 3 -Mounts, not exceeding an inclination angle of some 23.5 degrees off the horizon at latitude of 36 degrees north!

As luck would have it, we could identify the place of the pillar because when one observes the geography of the Earth there could only be one possibility:

The archipelago of Malta!

| The Di.jet Object

The work of the leading plasma instability scientist Anthony Peratt (A Peratt) does not suggest that the plasma discharge was seen anywhere near the equator. The Squatterman, Axis Mundi, Tree of Life (many many names for it) was seen in the polar regions.

If Malta's Temple Builders could carve the the Tree of Life then it had to be visible to them on one of the horizons, not projected or seen above the Maltese islands.

As can be confirmed by the various forms and evolution of the ancient petroglyphs (cave rock art) that show precisely the incredible plasma discharge seen in our skies. Over 100,000 petroglyphs have been mapped all over the world and analysed in the project and the findings show that these vary and change due to the location of the petroglyph carver, as expected with it being in the South polar region.

They DO NOT point to the high energy plasma discharge being above the islands of Malta and Gozo.

If Hubert Zeitlmair could provide the information of his research then I would be happy to review this post and his claims.

Plasma aurora was seen in the south (pole) region
In the first presentation we reported an analysis of a GPS database of petroglyphs recorded in the western US and British Columbia. These results indicated that a plasma flowing into the Earth’s south magnetic pole produced an intense aurora seen worldwide. In this paper we report the findings of logged petroglyphs in Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, French Guiana and northern Brazil as well as some preliminary results from 93 countries. With decreasing longitude towards the Greenwich Meridian, petroglyphs appear to take on an increasingly easterly orientation. This swing from south to east can be tracked through the eastern US and the Caribbean Islands to the petroglyph sites shown below (dots), between 0 and 8 degrees north and 51 to 62 degrees west.

The morphological types of petroglyphs oriented eastwards appear to belong to instabilities much further out in the inflowing plasma. This suggests that the plasma, at least intense enough to to be seen at dawn and/or dusk, curved in from the east to flow inwards along the Earth’s southern magnetic pole. This geometry is further supported by ‘eclipsed’ pictographs in Australia.
Orientation of Z-Pinch Instabilities from an Intense Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity: South America |

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