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photographs and art - great sites and links to them
« on: December 04, 2009, 01:23:41 »
Art and photograph sites


** Creativity

** one thousand and one dreams

** deviant art and michael shapcott and apocryph

** bread art project - nice site and idea


** macro photos of nature - awesome close up photos

** photoshop style

** The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth - nasa "hosts the best and most complete online collection of astronaut photographs of the Earth from 1961 through the present" - easy search facility to find an image of an area on earth taken from space

** last refuge - stunning collection of UK aerial shots including stuff like hill forts

** The island of Gozo (Malta) - 100s of great photographs

** EYE - Electric YouniverE - Electric Universe photographs

** Antarctic Photo Library - Erebus Ice Tongue etc

** wunderground - iamblessed - variety of subjects, mostly natural - some very good images

** Canadian Landscapes Photo Collection - Natural Resources Canada

** Earth from Space - nasa

** Photos with reflections

** Long exposure

** large selection of nature photos - some stunners

** Faces? - if the word was not mentioned would you see them all?

** Horses - power and action photographs

** nature macro photos - 100,000+ fantastic photographs to scroll through on one page?

** silhouettes - nature and people

** modified photos - some amazing visuals

** landscape - mainly clouds and sun rise/set

** graffiti - lots of great photographs of urban artwork - by the people for the people

** surreal and crazy mods - photos

** Derelicte

** The Salton Sea - balck and white moonlight landscape photographs

Questions? Anyone?

digital art using Photoshop -  Illustration’s

Fluids in Motion Images

Captured Lightning - Lichtenberg figures

Lichtenberg Figures (Patterns) - captured lightning images - telegraph

Why does lightning (Lichtenbergy figures) look like mountain ranges covered in snow

Captured Lightning

hiroshi sugimoto - electrical fields photographs with Van de Graaff generator

or should it be why do mountains and some river systmes look like they were formed through lightning strikes?

lightning flowers, lightning strike - human or the earth (Grand Canyon)?

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