Author Topic: Coronal discharges embodied in the Egyptian goddess Wadjet  (Read 7115 times)

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Coronal discharges embodied in the Egyptian goddess Wadjet
« on: November 14, 2010, 18:49:45 »
Hi all,

In furthering my research into recent planetary chaos, a red sun and god king planets, I've added another essay to my web which some of you may find interesting.

The Fire Spitting Uraeus, Protector of the Red Sun and the God King Planets.

Gary Gilligan


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Re: Coronal discharges embodied in the Egyptian goddess Wadjet
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2010, 00:04:37 »
I have to say when i first read the link there was a lot of thought provoking stuff, perhaps to much for 1 article!

having come back to it again the ideas are still very interesting and stuff that i had never even considered or perhaps never would have. Thanks :)

couple of the highlights for me were ...

Snaking Rivers of Lava and Mars - fascinating

Valles Marineris - good to read more about the idea behinds mars/mercury and especially see the images behind the ideas


Like all Egyptian deities Wadjet was a mythical goddess invented in order to explain the natural world, or so the conventional way of thinking goes. If this is correct, it raises many questions, such as; how does a red Sun encircled with a snake of no known species explain the world around? How did the idea come about that human kings were protected by a fire breathing snake? How do you perpetuate such a bizarre belief to the masses, generation after generation? Why display the cobra on the forehead? Why were many queens depicted with two, or in some cases, even three Uraei? Wasn't one sufficient enough as with the Egyptian kings? What of Tutankhamun's enigmatic cobra based crown and suchlike? How do these crowns explain one of the most sunniest and driest climates in the world? Crowns, which incidentally have never being found (this in itself speaks volumes).     

There is only one way Wadjet makes sense and that is by placing her in a world dominated by cosmic catastrophe where god king planets reigned over earth amidst, nurtured and protected by Egypt's cosmogonical sky gods (Horus, Isis, Hathor, Amun, Wadjet, etc, etc.). 

As always there is so much more to this, so time permitting, I may add some more 'wadjet' crowns along with my interpretations as to their true meaning in the near future.

The Egyptian Cobra Goddess Wadjet