Author Topic: Einstein 'right' about his theory of general relativity. Apart from he was wrong  (Read 4588 times)


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Einstein 'right' about Einstein's theory of general relativity. Apart from he was wrong

Einstein 'right'

The other technique being used by BOSS involves "redshift space distortions". These describe the component in the velocity of galaxies that stems from the growth of structure in the Universe. The team can see if neighbouring galaxies are clustering in the way that would be expected from the action of gravity.

"What we find is everything is very consistent with Einstein's theory of general relativity, coupled with the cosmological constant that he put into his equations. He put it in originally to make the Universe static, and then took it out.

"But if we put constant in with the opposite sign, we can get acceleration. And if we do that, we find equations that are perfectly consistent with what we're seeing."
Survey gets a grip on dark energy |

Einstein got it spot on, he could not have got it more right. And thankfully most science is built on his theory and ideas. I wonder why we have amazing theory of things like dark energy, dark matter, black holes etc ... and I bet the theories about them are as about right as Einstein.