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weathEU and XEarth - articles index/list
« on: November 29, 2009, 00:48:38 »

weathEU and XEarth - articles index/list

** Earths Electrical Circuit in an Electric Universe - If it is an Electrical Universe then there has to be electrical circuits. No circuits, no Electric Universe. Simple.

** shy White Horses and Jupiters Rings - made in the shade - why do you see less white horses in a clouds shadow than in the sunshine?

** Hole Punch Clouds or Fallstreak Holes - sky holes and cloud streets/ladders - amazing weather and clouds - holes in the clouds. How and why?

** Space fountains in our Solar System - Different planets have their own version of space fountains, some form of charged gas or material being ejected into space. They seem to be associated with heavily electrical planets, those with a strong magnetic field. The earth has its space plasma fountain and Saturn's moon Enceladus has its stunning "water space fountains".

** Is the Chaotic Butterfly dead? The Alkyonides Meres Butterfly - the butterfly flaps its wings and... nothing happens. How can there be a chaotic butterfly weather effect if certain areas always have the same type of unusual weather at the same times each year?

** Dust Devils on Mars - burnt black trails and on the sides of sand dunes? - Martian Dust Devils are amazingly electrical. Look at any image of the base of Mars Dust Devils and you will see blinding white flashing light like an arc welder gives off when it is discharging.

** Sarychev Peak eruption, pyroclastic flow and discharge plume - Sarychev Peak (Matua Island, Kuril Islands, Russia/Japan) erupting with a puzzling white vapour cloud (plasma?) and a clear circle of cloud around it.

** weather fronts (or powergons?) are they pushed or are they pulled forward? - cloud streamers/tendrils extend from or to the edge of a weather front, do they pull the front forward or supply its power?

** DirtEU rain - Does every bit of individual moisture in a cloud have a dust particle in it? Does every bit of fog or mist have a dust particle in it? Is there dirty mist and fog?

** Lithium battery Stars - Stars with planets have low levels of lithium - why?

** Growing Earth theory, Nikola Tesla and the Electric Universe theory with Mass accretion - can the Electric Universe theory provide the answer how the earths mass increases?

** The Tempest Prognosticator - animals used to predict the weather because animals know its an Electric Universe

** Heat Bursts? Why only at night? - Dry heatbursts are responsible for a rare weather event called "Heat Bursts". Heat bursts usually occur at night, are associated with decaying thunderstorms, and are marked by gusty, sometimes damaging, winds, a sharp increase in temperature and a sharp decrease in dewpoint.

** thunder, lightning, the way EU love Malta is enlightning - why does Malta have such long periods of thunder and lightning storms?

** bioprecipitation - bacteria (ice nucleators) live & move in rain clouds? Gaia? -
Rainmaking bacteria that live in clouds may have evolved the ability to spur showers as a way to disperse themselves worldwide, a recent study found.

** Mercury electrical (magnetic) circuit - Mercury's space weather circuit - EU mantra - you can not have magnetic fields in space without a flow of electricity. All magnetic fields seen are a secondary force created by electricity. But don't mention that.

** Power Plants - Tree Power - electricity flows through trees - You've heard about flower power. What about tree power? It turns out that it's there, in small but measurable quantities.

** thunder, lightning, the way I love EU is frightning - The Earth has millions of lightning strikes per year. Scientists still do not know the real cause of them. They think they know and it is quoted as a fact but it is still a theory. Which is shocking when you consider how long they have been investigating, how much there is. It should be simple to solve and understand, if your basic model and theory is correct. If it is not then you are unlikely to solve it after a couple of centuries of investigating it.

** Volcanoes - energy exchangers and eruption/earthquake triggers - Do Volcanoes exchange energy instead of just releasing it?

** Everything is scalable or reproduced in an Electrical Universe - Why are the same things found in different locations/situations?

** XEchange - Serpentinization - natural power source, Anode/Cathode? - Is Serpentinization a power source exchange with an Anode/Cathode? If there is a potential difference between the sea water at the surface and the sea shore, what sort of energy difference is there at the bottom of the ocean and the sea floor?

** Red Sprites and/or Squatting Man = Roman Labarum and the Christian Chi Roh - Was the Christian Chi Roh based on visible Red Sprites or the Squatter Man?

** Dirty Plasma - Birkeland currents or Dusty Plasma seen in earths atmosphere? - are Birkeland currents or dusty plasma filaments seen off the coast of Malta?

** Atomic Explosions and Red Sprites + Elves. Are they related? - Red Sprites and Elves are the result of an electrical discharge between earth and space that involves plasma (charged gas). Lightning and all the stars are made of Plasma. Why are there similar features between Atomic explosions and Red Sprites?

** Fountains of the Deep - Black Smokers, White Smokers - Cathode and Anode? - Water comes out of the ground and underwater at pressure, natural oil seeps from bedrock around the world and the Black Smokers with the less well known opposite type of White Smokers (Lost City) are found at immense distances and pressures underwater.

** Sand Floods - is sand suddenly created as part of the XEarth and the EU? - Sand is found all over the world. Sometimes in the strangest of places. It is associated with water but that does not mean it is produced by water. Effective Cause. Is it still being produced in our deserts, land and beaches but not by erosion? If this is the case then sand and dunes should suddenly appear with no real explanation.
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