Author Topic: weather fronts (or powergons?) are they pushed or are they pulled forward?  (Read 6660 times)


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Are cloud weather fronts pulled and not pushed or are these energy lines?

Cloud weather fronts often have streamers/tendrils coming from the front and extending forwards. Why and how can these thin line of clouds be perpendicular to the weather front itself? Do they look like cloud wires because they are where the fronts energy comes from?

Also are some weather fronts not lines but powergons (hexagonal based shapes)?

This front that came into the north of Malta looked like a normal cloud weather front but at its sides there were very long extended lines of clouds that curved round to make a huge circle. The point where they would meet was also the spot that individual clouds in the middle of the circle also pointed to.

There was also a smaller but distinct circle of cloud attached to the weather front and it had a cloud similar to a baby crab cloud.

XEarth - are weather fronts (or circles?) pushed or pulled? - full article and photographs

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