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power line clouds
« on: June 05, 2010, 22:54:05 »
power line clouds

power line cloud over the island of malta

the last few days we have had some great weathEU over the island of malta. today was clear blue sky everywhere apart from a power line cloud across malta. although it may appear curved in the photos beside each other it was very straight

 it appeared to start and stop in 2 very distinct spots which did not really move. the power line cloud was perpendicular to the wind, which is what you would expect if it is an electric universe and electric weather

victoria lines walk and photos of the power line cloud

photos of power line cloud from malta's great fault line and a fine malta vista

in the above image you can see how there appears to be nodes or anti nodes (destructive or constructive) points along the power line. energy in nature can be transferred using waves and the weathEU may be doing it here. there may be another process of course but at the moment this is how i am looking at it to try to work out what is going on with the electric weather and clouds on earth

the right hand image shows where one end of the power line is and there is a large group of clouds. at one stage they formed what looked like 2 or 3 short lines beside each other. is the power line a twisting birkeland current? notice how the clouds get larger and longer the further away from this end they go

view of clear blue sky from WW2 gun battery

notice how the clouds get larger and longer the further away from this end they go?

Kelvin Helmholtz instabilities shown in the top of the power cloud line

K-H instability another very similar view

i was looking out for Kelvin Helmholtz instabilities in the cloud as malta gets a lot of small versions of them on the edges of the many line clouds appear around it. these Kelvin Helmholtz instabilities seemed though to appear at a certain moment. it was like the power line cloud was "normal" then from the right the Kelvin Helmholtz instabilities shape appeared to move along.

i had not seen the Kelvin Helmholtz instabilities in the cloud when viewed from the town but then again that was mainly the left hand end of it on view

photo of the power line cloud over madliena village in malta

after driving back to town and finding a wied hill top this images show the left hand end of the cloud. there appeared to be more K-H instabilities in the cloud than before but it might have just been the different angle. but did the K-H instabilities appear along the cloud? was the frequency or something in the correct phrase to trigger the K-H instabilities?

line of site clouds

the image above was taken 1 hour 40 minutes later and you can see that the direction, length and this end/start point of the power line cloud

this would seem to show that the clouds were formed by something other than hot/cold air as the power line cloud stayed in the same position despite the steady wind. a number of options come to mind and there must be many more - the energy for it either flowing along the line - the clouds are the visual effect of what was already but with the increased energy we can see it - the power line has appeared here because of the local conditions - was it perpendicular to the great fault line for a reason or did that not effect it?

maltas weather during power line cloud event