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Proof that it is an Electric Universe?
« on: October 17, 2009, 03:27:56 »
Space Tornados connect between the Sun and Earth every 3 hours

If it is an Electric Universe there has to be circuits between everything

Where Space Tornados / Flux Tranfer Events predicted in the 1903 Book "The Universe a Vast Electric Organism" ?

If you think tornadoes on Earth are scary, newly found "space tornadoes" sound downright horrifying. But they are likely the power source behind the beautiful Northern and Southern Lights. A new finding by a cluster of five space probes – the THEMIS, or Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms show that electrical funnels which span a volume as large as Earth produce electrical currents exceeding 100,000 amperes. THEMIS recorded the extent and power of these electrical funnels as the probes passed through them during their orbit of Earth. Ground measurements showed that the space tornadoes channel the electrical current into the ionosphere to spark bright and colorful auroras on Earth.

Space tornadoes are rotating plasmas of hot, ionized gas flowing at speeds of more than a million miles per hour, far faster than the 200 m.p.h. winds of terrestrial tornadoes, according to Andreas Keiling, a research space physicist at the University of California, Berkeley’s Space Sciences Laboratory.

New Finding Shows Super-Huge Space Tornados Power the Auroras

These Space Tornados are Birkeland currents. Does the fact that astronomers are saying they are Space Tornadoes show that the Tornados, Steam Devils, Snow Devils, Water Spouts and the massive Dust Devils on Mars are also electric?

(g)EUlogy to geology - stalagmites found in the open countryside?

outside stalagmites and no cave popcorn

Stalagmites are formed due to water dripping down on them over a long period of time? What if stalagmites were found outside of a cave? Would that be the death of geology and the birth of gEUlogy (Electric Universe geology)?

Death Coral - Death Stalagmites (Purificacion area in Mexico)

How is Death Coral formed when there are no stalactites above them? Article on Death Stalagmites

** gEUlogy - outside stalagmites - malta
** (g)EUlogy to Geology - - the death of Geology?

The Double Helix Nebula - not a Birkeland Current?

The amazing Double Helix Nebula is found near the center of the Milky Way. It surprised astronomers as they never expected to see this twisting shape in space. It looks like a strand of DNA or a Birkeland Current. In space it seems you can not have a magnetic field without the flow of electrical current. Read the article on the Double Helix Nebula and see how many times electricity is mentioned.

The Cygnus Loop has characteristics of an interstellar Birkeland current: (1) A plasma medium (2) Filamentation (3) Braiding, twisted "rope-like" structure. Credit: William P. Blair and Ravi Sankrit (Johns Hopkins University), NASA
The Cygnus Loop and description of Birkeland Currents in space

Giant Ribbon Discovered at the Edge of the Solar System

Why wont scientists and astronomers use the E and B words? Electricity and Birkeland currents?

Giant Ribbon Discovered at the Edge of the Solar System

..."This is a shocking new result," says IBEX principal investigator Dave McComas of the Southwest Research Institute. "We had no idea this ribbon existed--or what has created it. Our previous ideas about the outer heliosphere are going to have to be revised."

...The ribbon also has fine structure--small filaments of ENA emission no more than a few degrees wide: image. The fine structure is as much of a mystery as the ribbon itself, researchers say.

One important clue: The ribbon runs perpendicular to the direction of the galactic magnetic field just outside the heliosphere, as shown in the illustration at right.

"That cannot be a coincidence," says McComas. But what does it mean? No one knows. "We're missing some fundamental aspect of the interaction between the heliosphere and the rest of the galaxy. Theorists are working like crazy to figure this out."

NASA - Giant Ribbon Discovered at the Edge of the Solar System

Scientists have known since the early part of the 19th century that electrical fields and magnetic fields are intimately related to each other and applications of this connection are found all around you. Moving electric charge (electric current) creates a magnetic field...

A changing magnetic field creates electrical current---an electric field...James Clerk Maxwell (lived 1831--1879) put these ideas together and proposed that if a changing magnetic field can make an electric field, then a changing electric field (from an oscillating electric charge, for example) should make a magnetic field. A consequence of this is that changing electric and magnetic fields should trigger each other and these changing fields should move at a speed equal to the speed of light. To conclude this line of reasoning, Maxwell said that light is an electromagnetic wave. Later experiments confirmed Maxwells's theory.

Electric and magnetic fields oscillate together but perpendicular to each other and the electromagnetic wave moves in a direction perpendicular to both of the fields.
Electric and Magnetic Fields - astronomynotes .com

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