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Fucking Stupid Nature - you don't know what you're doing
« on: September 24, 2009, 23:24:59 »
Oi nature and the universe - sort it out now. What do you think you are doing?

Example 1 of how Fucking Stupid Nature and the Universe is:
Everyone knows that the moon is bone dry. Well, it was. We have always been looking for water on the Moon for years yeah? Any results would be leapt upon. You won't find water on the Moon and if you do it will be at the Poles. Any other results and its that retarded Fucking Stupid Nature at it again.

The three-micron absorption band indicative of water appeared broadly across the lunar surface in spectrometric data taken by the Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3), an instrument that circled the moon aboard India's Chandrayaan 1 spacecraft until the orbiter's mission ended prematurely last month.

At first, the instrument's minders were confounded, figuring that something on M3 had gone awry. "The first reaction that I think all of us had was, this is ridiculous," says Carle Pieters, a planetary scientist at Brown University and principal investigator for M3. The team was finding evidence for water not in permanently shadowed craters but on the sunlit portions of the moon, which just did not add up.

"We spent months going through our data, trying to find what went wrong," she recalls. "What is it that gives us this signature that we can't get rid of?" Unable to troubleshoot the odd result, Pieters's group turned to a second, and then a third, independent observation.

Roger Clark, a U.S. Geological Survey spectroscopist on the M3 team, reanalyzed archival data from the Cassini spacecraft, now exploring Saturn and its satellites, taken during a 1999 flyby of the moon. The Cassini data agreed with the finding that water appears to be widespread across the lunar surface.

Yet more confirmation came from a timely flyby of the Deep Impact probe, en route to a cometary rendezvous in 2010. In June the spacecraft swung past the moon, and its spectrometer put the lunar water theory to the test—a test that went swimmingly well.

"In the Deep Impact data, we have very strong evidence that [water is] everywhere," says planetary geologist Jessica Sunshine, a senior research scientist at the University of Maryland, College Park, who works on both the M3 instrument and the Deep Impact mission. "There is no place on the moon that we don't see this."
Stream of Evidence from 3 Spacecraft Indicates That the Moon Has Water - scientificamerican .com

Now I am not a scientist but it seems strange that in 1999 the Cassini satellite seemed to prove some sort of water or rocks affected by water is found all over the moon. A lady scientist even wrote papers about it that were rejected. This probe showed water everywhere. But it can not be correct because of that Fucking Stupid Nature that does not know what its doing.

...a telling signal popped out at a few spots near the Moon's south pole. The signal, at least in asteroids, is associated with phyllosilicates, which are minerals that need two things to form: heat and water. Was this a clue pointing to all the water ice that many think hides within the Moon's polar craters?

She thought so, and submitted an abstract to the 1999 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. But for years she couldn't get the idea published. "It kept getting roundly slapped down," she says.
Water on the Moon?

I mean what sort of mathematician was this God? His theoretical models suck the big one. They just don't make any sense and don't fit into us humans models and we know for sure how it all works. I mean our scientists are never surprised.

Example 2 of how Fucking Stupid Nature and the Universe is:
Fucking Stupid Nature shows that initally all our science, maths, engineering, billions of hours and money is only 5% correct. So that Fucking Stupid Nature is again wrong by 95%. So we create entities that can not be seen or measured directly but HAVE to be there, to balance the maths theories and models. Because Fucking Stupid Nature does not know what it is doing. Dark Energy/Matter is actually Invisible Energy/Matter. Strange then that a mysterious force and mass of 95% of the Universe is needed when Plasma makes up 95-99% of the Universe.

Think of the Higgs boson field. Have we already found it but ignoring it or just dont realise it? Not that scientists would ignore evidence staring them in the face because it does not fit in with what they know is correct. It's that Bloody Stupid Nature again.

It requires an extra field, a Higgs field, which interacts with the gauge fields, and which has a nonzero value in its lowest energy state, a vacuum expectation value. This means that all of space is filled with the background Higgs field, the so-called Higgs condensate.
Higgs boson field - wikipedia

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