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Gozo Cart Ruts - Dwejra (Inland Sea)
« on: January 17, 2011, 04:42:33 »

Gozo Cart Ruts - Dwejra (Inland Sea)

There are Cart Ruts on Gozo, I have only managed to find 2 lots so far and the Cart Ruts at Dwejra (Inland Sea) may not be the most spectacular in themselves but their location makes them a massive puzzle. The puzzle of the Dwejra Cart Ruts is called the 2 meter drop problem. Another problem is where were they going to as they are only found in a very short section with nothing there.

The Cart Ruts at Dwejra and the gEUlogy found attached to the Cart Ruts also give rise to 2 very interesting questions. Are the Cart Ruts a natural formation or, if they are man made, then did the formation of the Inland Sea and the Azure Window happen after the Cart Ruts were made?

Cart ruts

The pair of cart ruts in the Dwejra area climb all the way up from behnd the chapel dedicated to Saint Anne to the towering cliffs north of the Inland Sea. The purpose of these cart ruts are still unclear.

These cart-ruts are one of the most enigmatic archaeological features due to an unexplainable two metres drop and to the fact that they start and terminate in a mysterious way.
Dwejra |

Can this all be explained in an Electric Universe?

Dwejra (Inland Sea) Cart Ruts

There are a few pairs of Cart Ruts found at Dwejra. You can find these by going past the church (Saint Anne) and walking up the path around the Inland Sea. After about 30-50 meters there are some steps cut into the limestone. Go up these then go left towards the cliff edge. Here you will find the Cart Ruts shown above.

The more very defined Cart Ruts are found on the raised plateau, part of the 2 meter drop problem :)

Gozo Cart Ruts at Dwerja (Inland Sea)

There seems to be 2 pairs of Cart Ruts here beside each other, one pair very defined and long and the other rather strangely short although still spectacular in its own way as it cuts through the edge of the rock.

The more defined pair of Cart Ruts appear to lead down but where do they go? If you follow them up then you will find some amazing gEUlogy attached to these Cart Ruts as they curve round and up the plateau.

San Lawrenz Cart Tracks and the 2 meter drop problem

This is the plateau that the San Lawrenz Cart Ruts are found on. The image on the left shows the Cart Ruts (far right of the image).

Inland Sea Cart Ruts puzzle

The Cart Ruts appear to stop when the reach the normal flat level but there are some lines of rock that seem to align with the Cart Ruts. But why would you get higher rock? As this would mean that the rest of whole area had to be worn away by Cart Rut action unless man or nature somehow chose to remove the rock in this area but leave this lines of rock.

Are they evidence of a natural process that may have formed the Cart Ruts at Dwerja? There are other "Dykes" found in and around the Cart Ruts at Dwerja, these may be part of same system.

Inland Sea and curving Cart Ruts

The main Cart Rut pair bends up the slope but only 1 Rut seems to have been fully formed. This has a pair of Dykes running through it. Now the problem here is that according to geology malta should not really be able to have any Dykes. Malta is purely a sedimentary island, no intrusions, no volcanic activity, no black stones or rock. The problem with that is you can find Dykes all over the place, including Dyke Swarms. You can also find immense variety of stones/pebbles including blacks. So is nature wrong and geology correct? Or are they just fault lines?

Cart Tracks at Il-Qawra (Inland Sea) and Dykes

The above images show the thickish Dyke as it crosses the Cart Rut. Notice that the 2 Dykes are slightly different in composition and material. I believe these are not geology Dykes but gEUlogy Dykes and are therefore some form of Electric Universe discharge. They are slightly different as 1 is perhaps a positive and the other a negative.

These Dykes and other lines cutting Cart Ruts are not just found at Dwejra but also at San Gwann and Clapham Junction. Is it a coincidence that they are found together? If the Cart Ruts are man made then did the Cart Ruts themselves attract the natural event that caused these discharge or cutting lines?

Part of the mystery of the Dwejra Cart Ruts is there start and end. But if you look at where they end they are found in a location of EU Dykes and end in a mini semi circular crater. Classic natural electric discharge and EDM evidence.

But what came first?

Gozo Dykes and geology or gEUlogy and Cart Tracks

The pair of Dykes going across the Gozo Cart Ruts