Author Topic: Were the Cart Ruts of Malta used to control or create water?  (Read 6721 times)


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Were the Cart Ruts of Malta used to control or create water?
« on: September 07, 2009, 21:03:13 »
Was the purpose of the Maltese Cart Ruts to create or guide water?

Water is created everywhere. All the stars and our Sun are made of Plasma (electically charged rock). Water vapour has been found on the suns surface and in other surprising places. The only common link may end up being Plasma or electrical discharges.  One of the puzzling things is that there may actually be more water in the rocks under the ocean than in the ocean itself.  Where did all that water come from?

If it is created by an Electric Universe process and an electric discharge then if you can create where this happens you may be able to create water. Could the Cart Tracks of Malta have been used not just as irrigation channels but to help create the water that flowed in them?

Another idea is that this could not just limited to the Cart Ruts of Malta.  There are strange facts about the Egyptian pyramids and especially those of Giza, Not one pharoah has ever been found in what are described as tombs for the Pharoahs. Not one single Pharoah was buried in something they spent a lot of time and effort to built.  The inner sanctums or rooms are also the most plain, boring and functional rooms you will find.  Why go to all that effort to built a square block, not worthy of a Lord of the Earth?
The egyptian temples of Giza may be found to have channels or tubes coming from them where water could have flowed through.  They also seem to have suffered from partial burning or Vitrification, the same as other "temples", forts, walls, buildings around the world.