Author Topic: Tarxien Temples stone balls - man made or natural concretions?  (Read 9683 times)


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Tarxien Temple Stone Balls - man made or natural?

natural Stone Balls or concretions discovered on Malta - are they related to the stone balls found at the Malta Tarxien Temples complex?

The Tarxien Temple complex on Malta is famous for its Stone Balls that were discovered there in large numbers. They are of a variety of sizes and the only use or reason for them being there has been suggested as "rollers" to help with the transportation of the massive slabs of limestone used to build the Maltese megaliths.

At Il-Fawwara on Malta you can find these natural concretions/spheres that look very much like natural Stone Balls. Are these evidence that not all of the Stone Balls seen at the Tarxien Temple complex were man made but some or all could be natural? Were they all man made or natural? Is there anything else that we have been told that might be wrong?

** article on the natural Stone Balls / spheres found at Il-Fawwara near Dingli Cliffs, Malta

** EYE photographs of the natural Stone Balls / spheres or concretions on Malta

** Tarxien Temples Malta - article, location and map
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