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Posting, replies, chat, images and forum toolpad
« on: September 07, 2009, 16:27:46 »
If you don't want to sign up as a member of the Forum then you can always ask questions in the chat box on or for the much larger and easier to read chat page visiit the Room 2 Chat.

You can privately enter your email when you enter your username in the chat box if you want to be contacted back. No need to register any details though to just chat.

Please change the "Subject/Title" when you reply, unless it is a pure reply. Maybe add some keywords or the key point. This helps others to search for your words of wisdom.

Images - if you need to show images then use (free GNU Image Manipulation Program) to resize the images. Host them on another site ( etc). Even better is to have 2 images, one your smaller forum image that links to the better and larger main image.

FORUM toolpad (remove spaces)

TEXT LINK [url =###]###[/url]
IMAGE LINK [url =###][/url]



example and code is
[ url=][ img][/img][/url]

[url = link to a webpage, could be the image or a website][ img]image URL location eg where it is stored on your photobucket account[/ img][/ url]

[url = http: //www.###.html][ img]http://www.###.jpg[/ img][/ url]

[url = ###] [img]###[/ img][/ url]


text to be displayed
[url =link to webpage]text to be displayed in post[/url]
[url =###]###[/url]


example Larger text and code is
[size =12pt] Larger text[/ size]
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