Author Topic: Red Sprites and/or Squatting Man = Roman Labarum and the Christian Chi Roh  (Read 11467 times)


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Was the Christian Chi Roh based on visible Red Sprites or the Squatter Man?

The early Christian symbol of the Chi Roh is very similar to the Roman Labarum which was Romes military standard. Was the Roman Labarum inspired by signs and wonders in the sky and could they have been Red Sprites (Upper atmospheric lightning) or the Squatting Man?

If this upwards lightning was more powerful in its discharge due to changes or discharge in the earths electrical weather circuit then it may have been witnessed by the the ancient peoples on earth?

Roman Emperor Constantine was said to have a vision the evening before a battle (Milvian Bridge), where he saw a sign in the heavens, and used this symbol that became known as the Labarum.  The problem is what heavenly event could inspire this shape?  It is mentioned that a Sun Halo may have inspired it but that is likely to be used as there is or was nothing else.  Could Constantine and his troops have seen a Red Sprite?

Or did it come from the Squatter Man (Squatting Man) plasma discharge that seems to have occured in the heavens and was witnessed by most of the people on earth.  That is why this image is suddenly found carved into rock by the ancient civilisations around the planet.

Click here for an article and images/photographs investigating this idea about the link between Red Sprites and the Chi Rho.
It also DIScusses the Tree of Life and the Squatter Man (Squattting Man) images seen around the world and especially in Malta.

There is also another article based on Plasma Discharges Z-pinches (the Squatter Man or Squatting Man) that includes lots of links to Squatter Man / Tree of Life web sites and images.
There is an embedded version of the free online book "Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High Current Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity" that was written by Anthony Peratt who is Mr Plasma Discharge.

Photograph album of Red Sprites (upwards lightning), early Christian Chi Roh, the Romes military standard  Labarum and the Tree of Life found around the world and Malta.

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