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Doors of Death and the afterlife - Amaru Muro Peru

As soon as i saw this image of Amaru Muro Peru I immediately thought of the ancient Malta, Egyptian and Russian Doors of Death. And so did the author of the site where it comes from!


Amaru Muro is in Hayu Marca mountain about the same distance from Puno than Sillustani but in opposite direction. A special road with multiple steps passes through two quadrangular stone just before arriving to this ceremonial place, it resemble an immense niche of 7 by 7 meters with a small entrance at the center bottom facing east.

Amaru Muro false door looks like a an hypothetic door to the land of the gods a point of communication with the afterlife, a similar function as the niches or false doors found in or outside the Egyptian mastabas and temples.
Sillustani |
doorways to the afterlife - Russia (Caucasus mountains)

These doorways to the afterlife (Doors of Death, doors to the afterlife etc) are found carved on the front of megalithic dolmens in the Caucasus mountains in Russia. There are many many of these dolmens and not all have the carving that is similar to the altars found in the Malta Temples that also look like the egyptian doors to the afterlife.

A lot of the Caucasus mountain megaliths even have the holes that are found in the Maltese megalithic temples, including the same step/layer.

This link goes to another site with lots of Caucasian Dolmens including the above images at a better quality.
Electrical Universe DIScussion / Re: Venus transit 2012
« Last post by electrobleme on February 04, 2013, 18:41:08 »
i personally cant make my mind up!

the funnel effect high in the sky looks a bit like a rocket with exhaust (hot plasma?) fumes but why is it so bright and so big? and why straight there?

good shots from these vids you linked to

the spiraling tail at the bottom also remains amazingly bright when whatever has caused it is a long way away. but the spirals do remind me a bit of the Challenger Disaster. if you look at this video around 2 minutes you will see some vaguely similar spiraling but nothing on the scale in those videos

i still cant get over how bright the bottom part is though and stays that way ...

is this similar to those other plasmoids and plasma balls often seen around russia? something to do with tesla energy weapons from what i have read about them but of course could just be natural plasma events? never seen one so can not confirm if they are similar

and it happened on the night side of earth just after the transit of venus as you might expect with the space tornados / spacequakes thing happening there.

as to suppression of EU they are doing a good job with that ... not even allowed on wikipedia when you can have all sorts of stuff! amazing.
Electrical Universe DIScussion / Re: Venus transit 2012
« Last post by ahoy on February 04, 2013, 08:54:21 »
What do you make of the sighting of these spirals within hours after the Venus transit event? 

I think these are all electrical events caused in part by the Venus transit.   It looks like they were spread over ~1000 miles in the same region of the globe and occurred almost at the same time (within maybe 2-3 hours). 

I also believe that the official explanation for these phenomenon (which is an "out of control rocket or missile") is suggestive that there is deliberate intent to suppress the EU truth behind them. (Israel 06/07/2012) (Israel 06/07/2012) (9 vid compilation) (RT Israel 06/07/2012) (Armenia 06/07/2012) (Armenia 06/07/2012) (Arab 06/07/2012) (Saudi 06/07/2012) (Russian? 6/7/2012) (Volgograd 06/07/2012) 06/07/2012) 06/07/2012) (Astrakan, Russia 6/7/2012 21:40) (Astrakan, Russia 6/7/2012) (Astrakan, Russia 6/7/2012) (Atyrau, Kazakhstan 6/7/2012) (Atyrau, Kazakhstan 6/7/2012) (Atyrau, Kazakhstan 6/7/2012), Kazakhstan 6/7/2012) (Krasnodar, 6/7/2012 – way different from all others) (from last January, looked neat like plasma too)
weathEU and XEarth / Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (ES)
« Last post by electrobleme on January 30, 2013, 18:56:57 »
Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (ES)

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (ES) is a condition or sensitivity to specific electromagnetic frequencies. With the exponential increase in the last 100 years or so of electromagnetic waves created by human technology it is no surprise that people can feel ill or damaged by human electromagnetic energy.

The documented and folklore effects of electromagnetic energy on humans and our minds and brains is well noted. A change in the wind can cause carnage with humans so what is the surprise that the unprecedented increase in electromagnetic radiation effects humans?

Peter Mungo Jupp, with his perfect mixture of work experience and an interest in the Electric Universe, explains how it can and has effected humans in his EUhumans investigation and videos.

You can read a report on one ladies life and health issues with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity here. She has even had to build her own Faraday cage to try to stop the onslaught of EM waves.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (ES) sites
ElectroSensitivity UK

hydrothermal vent Mariprofundus ferrooxydans bacteria can live on electricity

The hydrothermal vent bacteria Mariprofundus ferrooxydans has been found in an experiment that it can live and grow by being powered by a tiny current of electricity only!

In the experiment the Mariprofundus ferrooxydans bacteria, who normally live of oxidised iron where under water vents are found, were put in various conditions and one of them was that the energy source consisted only of a small electrical current. They continued to grow and exchange chemicals/energy to do what they were designed to do by nature. Perhaps the nature of an Electric Universe?

When you combine these bacteria with the eletric Desulfobulbaceae bacteria who create amazing carbon chains and grids to conduct and convert electricity then you really are starting to see the Electrical Universe basis of nature.

Is it electromagnetic forces and fields that starts or moulds life? If it is then each time the electromagnetic energy of our planet or the solar system changes due to some catastrophe then will not life itself also change?


Researchers at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul, have coaxed a species of bacteria into trading their usual diet of partially-oxidized iron for a small current of electricity--a trick that may eventually make the microorganisms useful producers of biofuels.

When plenty of oxygen is present, ferrous iron readily gives up its extra electron to the oxygen, to become the more stable FeIII, or ferric iron--the kind of iron oxide we know of as rust. But in lower-oxygen environments, M. ferrooxydans' can do oxygen's job for it, thereby gaining energy from the extra electron.

After letting the microbes multiply over the surface of the electrode for four weeks, they scraped some away and started a new colony on an electrode with no FeII around. Amazingly, the bacteria continued to thrive, even after some were transplanted onward to a third electrode. Some nutrients were still provided to this colony, the study noted, but in amounts much too small to support the bacterium's apparent growth.

The results show that bacteria like M. ferrooxydans are capable of using electricity from electrodes to capture carbon dioxide and replicate.
Scientists Teach Bacteria To Eat Electricity |

planets and moons orbits due to electromagnetic gravity in an electric universe?

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>
Astronaut Don Pettit demonstrated the laws of static electricity on Space Station with the help of a water dropper and grandma's sweater maker: knitting needle.

suns electric braids (birkeland currents) and plasma

why is the sun hotter the further away you go from it? supposedly you can not have magnetic fields in space without the flow of electricity ...


Our star is powered by magnetic fields--those arcing loops you see on images from SDO and other solar observatories are the result of these fields. Plasma flows along the fields and illuminates them. Images from Hi-C showed where these fields were braided tightly together like rope. When they relax and straighten out, they release energy, which helps drive temperatures up to a toasty 7 million degrees F.
In 5-Minute Journey, Flying Telescope Cracks Mystery Of Solar Atmosphere |

suns electric braids (birkeland currents)?
Squatter Man and Tree of Life seen in the skies - Achaemenid empire

Is the Standard of Cyrus the Great, King of the mighty ancient Achaemenid Empire showing the Squatter Man image that perhaps was seen in their skies?

Notice the 2 circles in the birds claws which are similar to the Squatter Mans circles to his side (depending on which stage of the Peratt Instability they are at).

And the Seal of Darius the Great, also of the Achaemenid Empire, shows a very strange image in the sky that looks similar to the above (also like Angels?) and even though the palm trees are palm trees do they need to be in this seal? could they be representations of the Tree of Life in a different stage of its life or Peratt Plasma Instability of the Squatter Man? palm trees do have bunches hanging off them but again why in a pair of 2 with 1 each side and 'stuff' above which could look like ...

cow god and cow goddess - Achaemenid Empire

The official archaeological explanation for this interesting piece of Achaemenid Empire jewelry is that it is a amulet and pendant showing the head of a lioness.

Perhaps with its weird lines and wide eyes and ears it could be a representation of the ancient cow god or goddess as also portrayed by the egyptians and other civilisations around that time?

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