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Were the Atlantis (Atlantika, Atlantide) islands Malta, Gozo, Filfla and Comino?

The geological history of Malta seems to bear witness to catastrophism, for example cart ruts leading of cliffs. There is also the mythology or folklore of catastrophe events occurring with the creation of the island of Filfla from the Il-Maqluba crater and also Tas-Salvatur Hill (the Saviours Hill) also known as  Qolla Tal-Merzuq (Ray of Light hill) on the island of Gozo.

There are also no original people from any ancient era of the Maltese islands. No original folklore, mythology from the Temple Builders era. It is as if all those living on the islands of Malta were wiped out by some sort of catastrophe event.

The island also has an incredible amount of megalithic temples for such a tiny island.

Could Plato's island of Atlantis, Atlantika, Atlantide, be the islands of Malta?

It is said that thousands of years ago a sequential number of cataclysmic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions crushed a chain of mountains that once joined Europe and Africa together (Pillars of Herculis). The ocean water disintegrated the lower land that once existed under the Mediterranean Sea.

By time, the ocean water settled and the Mediterranean Sea was created. Obviously, the higher land survived the floods and several islands were formed. Thus, this new basin which came into being and which separated the two great continents became an arena of warfare and conflicts among the powerful maritime nations.

This great catastrophe separated Malta and Gozo from the mainland and, thus, the Maltese islands were formed. Now, according to Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias, another catastrophic eruption occurred and the island of Atlantikos (the mother land) was submerged under the sea in the span of a single day and night.

... Fortunately, the theory that the Maltese islands in ancient times formed part of a larger island known as Atlantide is gaining acceptance among world-renowned scholars and researchers on this subject. The fact that on the Maltese islands we find several ancient temples (Il-Ggantija, l-Imnajdra, Hagar Qim) and the Hypogeum at Tarxien, proves that these ancient remains are more than a mere evidence that an advanced technological civilisation settled in Malta about 8,000 years ago.

But more than that, the fact that Malta is not so distant from Greece and that the Maltese islands together with the volcanic islands of Pantalleria and Lampedusa fall exactly into the description given by Plato, shows that these islands are part of the skeleton of the country left floating in the central Mediterranean to bear witness of Atlantis.

There are those who think that if this theory is proved scientifically then Malta can surely be referred to as the cradle of civilisation. At the same time, however, it will be a great challenge to local historians to rewrite and update our prehistory.
Is Malta really part of Atlantis? | Times of Malta

Myth, Legends, Beliefs - old and modern / Is Malta Atlantis?
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Is Malta Atlantis?

For more on the topic of was or is the island of Malta the island of Atlantis you can visit the Atlantis website Atlantipedia and its page on Malta as a possible location of Atlantis that has more information and especially links to other historical sources on this intriguing idea.
Saturn Myth and Plasma Instability Petroglyphs meeting - SIS Spring 2016

The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies 2016 Spring meeting on Saturday 23 April is being held in Watford, London, Great Britain and there will be 2 talks.

One is by The Society member Wayne Burn about the Saturn Myth.

The other is a re run of a very rare video talk by a person who is very deeply involved with the whole comparative mythology and petroglyphs scenario.

Why the Earth previously had a calendar with 360 days?

This theory on why we use to have an ancient 360 day calendar or 360 days in the length of a year can also apply to the present 365 days for year.

This quote does not explain the change and increase of 5 days but gives a natural reason as to why a universe and nature that tries to get or attain balance would give planet Earth with its Moon companion an orbit round the sun of 360 days.

The Triple Point of Water of is important to the life on our planet and the life of our planet Earth. And so is planet life.

How the Earth-Moon System Acquired Its Ancient 360-Day Orbit

The twelfth story of our celestial skyscraper of cosmology concerns how the Earth-Moon system acquired its ancient 360-day orbit, some 92,250,000 miles from the Sun. This location for the Earth is in the middle of a 15,000,000-mile slot in the Solar System. In this narrow slot, and only in this slot, water neither boils constantly (as on Venus) nor does water freeze permanently (as on Mars.)

This "slot" happens to be the one and only favorable location in the solar system where chloroplasts and chlorophyll can function. And where a planet can be greened. But we are getting ahead of our story.

Whether by chance or design, the Earth was dropped into that marvelous, advantageous slot. It was 92,250,000 miles from the Sun, just 25,000,000 miles from Venus where surface temperatures rise to 700° F. The Earth was dropped off into "the slot" due to its previous distance from Little Brother and due to the geometry (and geography) of capture by the Sun.
The Recent Organization of the Solar System |
Animals in amber and instant fossilisation

Are the amazing intact remains of animals such as lizards an example or variation of instant fossilisation?

The ancient reptiles are preserved in "superb detail" down to scales of skin, the tip of a tongue and tiny claws.

... "They provide details of external morphology, which is something that is pretty rare to find," said Juan Diego Daza, of Sam Houston State University in Texas, who led the research.

"These fossils represent most of the diversity of lizards with a superb amount of detail."
Image copyright Daza et al/Sci Adv
Image caption ...And a whole animal.

Soft tissues and internal organs - as well as bones - can persist in amber for millions of years.

"We can pretty much see how the animals looked when they were alive," explained Prof Daza.
Amber-trapped lizard fossils reveal 'lost world' | BBC

How are these animals, plants, insects captured in such a quick instant that they do not seem to damage themselves in the slightest bit by struggling for their life?

Is the amber formed around the flora and fauna because they are a life form? Some form of electromagnetic attraction or resistance? Is the amber some form of plasma or a plasmoid or created around these instantly fossilised creatures like a plasmoid?
USA Electric Universe Geology tour

There will be an Electric Universe theory geology tour of the Arizona area including a visit to the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater (Barringer Crater) and ancient rock carving (petroglyphs) sites.

This will be based on the EU theory geology ideas of Michael Steinbacher.

The EU geology tour starts the day after the June Thunderbolts EU conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you are lucky enough to be attending the Electric Universe conference then you must take the opportunity to go on this EU tour.

If you live in the USA then you can also go on the tour. If you live in America and have transport or are visiting the EU conference and will have a hire vehicle, then you can drive around with the EU tour.

Find out more information and who to contact to book your seat on the tour bus from 20th to 25th June 2016.

Planets and moons observed in mid ultraviolet (MUV) - Phobos, Mars

Phobos moon of Mars as viewed through mid-ultraviolet (MUV) sunlight that is reflected from its surface.

Official Thunderbolts Electric Universe theory conference - USA 2016

Official EU theory meeting for 2016.

Thunderbolts Project are hosting their annual EU theory meeting in Phoenix USA, from 17th to 19th June 2016.

There is a tremendous list of Electric Universe theory expert speakers including Wal Thornhill, Dave Talbott, Don Scott, Monty Childs, C J Ransom and many more.

You can find more information from Thunderbolts or this site.

The popular mathematical contrivance called a Black Hole is not elegant either, since it neither addresses nor even acknowledges the electrified plasma environment of galaxy formation. And the imagined thermonuclear fusion at the core of the Sun is assuredly not elegant, since it leaves the most compelling features of the Sun unexplained.

A strategic use of language will often distort the distinction between real progress and imaginary progress in science. But for anyone exploring the Electric Universe paradigm, the principle of theoretical “elegance” is well worthy of consideration. It is an acid test. That is why we’ve selected “Elegant Simplicity” as the theme of our upcoming EU2016 conference.

Join us in an interdisciplinary adventure, June 17-19 in Phoenix, Arizona. Discover the universal role of the electric force, from microcosm to macrocosm. And find your own connections within a movement that is shaping the future of science.
Electric Universe mythology conference - Toronto May 2016

Electric Universe theory mythology meeting is being held in Toronto Canada during 16th to 19th May 2016.

The subjects for the talks are Celestial Crisis and the Human Record and it includes chronology, catastrophism and comparative mythology.

There are a large number of speakers including Jno Cook, Peter Jupp, Ev Cochrane and many more.

This EU theory mythology conference is being hosted by Planet Amnesia where you can find out more information about ticket prices. You can also find more information on this site.

Please join us for a most stimulating gathering of scholars and scientists seeking to reconstruct the historical record in light of new research into celestially induced earth catastrophes. Exploring evidence from mythology to archaeology to astrophysics, we will hear from noted speakers in various disciplines on the origin and fallout of such crises that have eluded identification by mainstream academia.

This year’s conference has a primary focus on the ‘human record.’ We will consider the role of the narrative and symbolic arts of literature, myth, religion, theater, and athletics in sublimating the memory of these crisis events.

Alongside the human record is a catastrophic story written across the face of our planet and among the various sky bodies. The conference will also explore evidence for the source, cause and result of celestial and earth induced crises through the sciences of geology, biology, and stratigraphy studies.

Electric Universe talk - London UK 26 February 2016
Philip Francis is presenting his talk on The History of the World & Then Some in North London, England on Friday 26th  February 2016.

More information.

Phil Francis runs the Electric Cosmology Facebook group.

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