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: Waffle Rock, USA and the Giants Causeway - electromagnetic field patterns?
: electrobleme July 08, 2009, 04:15:07
Waffle Rock, USA and electromagnetic fields

(http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/wafflerock-jenningsrandolphlake-westvirginia-forum.jpg) (http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/index.php?level=picture&id=1988)

Waffle Rock (Jennings Randolph Lake, Mineral County, West Virginia, USA) is a strange patterned rock in America. Although the lines look to be connected in a set pattern they are slightly off in places. Also in the middle or between 2 lines, depending on how you look at them, you can see thin straight lines or breaks.

(http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/wafflerockmystery-jenningsrandolphlake-westvirginia-usa-forum.jpg) (http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/index.php?level=picture&id=1125)

Waffle Rock is very, very strange in that the lines are so straight and the tops so flat. How could they be formed through normal geology?

The lines seem to run fairly straight in one direction (up the photographs). But you can see straight lines in between the grid pattern also going upwards.
The lines running across at angles look like connecting feeder lines. Similar to the lines found between and around power lines in Malta. The "triangle lines" (http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/index.php?level=picture&id=867) around SnakePlissken (http://www.geulogy.com/introdis-snakeplissken.html) for example. This also has a thin break line in its middle. A pattern also seen elsewhere on Pembroke hill and the Cart Ruts shapes (http://www.cartrutsmalta.com/introdis-claphamjunctionsquares.html#claphamjunctioncartrutssquares) found at Clapham Junction, Malta.

(http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/wafflerock-electromagnetic-fieldpatterns-snowflakes-combo-6-forum.jpg) (http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/thumbs/lrg-1131-wafflerock-electromagnetic-fieldpatterns-snowflakes-combo-6.jpg)

If it is an Electric Universe then maybe nature can give us a clue. Maybe the lines were created in an electromagnetic field. The field either set or moving (the power points or the field area moving) creating the pattern. Snowflakes are formed in an electromagnetic field. I have used examples of them to show what could have happened.

(http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/wafflerock-electromagnetic-fieldpatterns-snowflakes-combo-4-forum.jpg) (http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/thumbs/lrg-1120-wafflerock-electromagnetic-fieldpatterns-snowflakes-combo-4.jpg)

Were the curious basalt columns of places such as the Giants Causeway and the Devils Tower in America also caused by electromagnetic fields?

(http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/giants-causeway-ireland-columns-forum.jpg) (http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/thumbs/lrg-1130-giants-causeway-ireland-columns.jpg) (http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/giantscauseway-ireland-basalt-columns-forum.jpg) (http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/index.php?level=picture&id=1129)


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: snow flakes and magnetic field sites
: electrobleme September 10, 2009, 21:10:19

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