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: the formation of Malta and its islands
: electrobleme August 18, 2010, 00:13:46

the formation of Malta and its islands

(http://www.geulogy.com/images/malta/maltese-islands-gozo-filfa-image.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/malta/maltese-islands-gozo-filfa.jpg)
Maltese Islands (Malta, Gozo and Fifla

the formation of Malta's islands and its geography is suggested by geologists to be pure sedimentary deposits and fault lines. the geology of Malta is amazingly varied considering it is just limestone. it is also surprising that the first and last limestone layers of Malta are virtually the same, including the microfossils. for that to happen the earth and especially the area of the mediterranean sea would have to have had the EXACT same conditions and life forms twice with millions of years in between them. and no evolution of those particular microfossils in all of that time. not very likely.

is there another theory that may start to explain the strange geology of Malta, Gozo and its islands and points?

Malta's islands have similar features. they have sharp high cliffs on the west side and on the east side you have land that slopes into the sea with very few cliffs. in between the land is relatively level. the north of malta is very different to the south in that it has a number of valleys and ridges. you also have the Great Fault line that bisects the island of Malta itself.

it is suggested that the land was tilted and pushed up on the west coast and dips down on the east coast. but there are a number of problems with this issue.

(http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/malta-geological-map-limestone-clay-greensand-forum.jpg) (http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/thumbs/lrg-977-malta-geological-map-limestone-clay-greensand.jpg)
geological map of malta and limestone layers

the smaller islands or islets of Malta are found on the east coast. apart from the very strange island of Filfla on the south coast (different limestone layer to the cliffs opposite it). why are the island found on the east coast?

if the island of Malta has been pushed up then why are its cliffs on the west coast so verticle and not sloping? why is there not more islands on the west coast where the land has been pushed up?

the smaller islands and points of Malta may give clues as to what forces and how the land and islands of Malta was formed in an Electric Universe.

: how were Malta's islands, islets and points formed?
: electrobleme August 18, 2010, 03:48:58
the small islands (islets) and points on Malta's east coast may help to explain how parts of the land of Malta were formed.

(http://www.geulogy.com/images/malta/maltas-islands-points-eastcoast-image.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/malta/maltas-islands-points-eastcoast.jpg)
Malta's islands, islets and points on the Maltese east coast

For example Qrejten Point (St Marks Tower), Ghallis Rock, the White Tower (Armier Bay) and Qawra Point may be all formed in the same process and are likely to be stages of the formation process of points (spits of land) on the islands of Malta.

when looking at them they have the "rolling hill top" curved shape and are found on the ends of lands. the Ghallis Rock islet is attached to the land by a just submerged spit of land.

(http://www.geulogy.com/images/malta/formation-malta-maltese-islands-image.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/malta/formation-malta-maltese-islands.jpg)
formation of the maltese islands and malta

could the formation process go in stages from Ghallis Rock to Qawra Point to Qrejten Point?

how was St Paul's Island (Selmunett as it is known in Maltese) formed? although called an island it is made up of 2 parts joined together, or, is 2 raised parts at either end.

Is St Paul's Island (Selmunett) a different gEUlogy process or is it a continuation of the process that makes the points with their curved rolling hill tops? Does the process go in stages and it jumps to new levels and different geological structure? Or is St Paul's Island a different type of gEUlogy?

(http://www.geulogy.com/images/malta/comino-cominotto-blue-lagoon-image.jpg) (http://www.geulogy.com/images/malta/comino-cominotto-blue-lagoon.jpg)
comino, cominotto and the blue lagoon Malta

Do the small islets in a line that make up Cominotto show how St Paul's Island was formed and how the land grows or are they the remains of land that was removed during a catastrophe? Did they start as the growth of a point and then it continued to grow into small islets? Cominotto islets are wonderfully curved and a few of them have a brilliant cave/hole through the middle with a trench/line cut into the rock at the bottom of the hole.

St Paul's Island appears to be a miniture Malta and Gozo. it has steep cliffs on its sides yet on the east side where the smaller part of the island is it curves down into the sea. St Paul's Island also has a fantastic red circular bay and it has a number of other geology features that show it was struck or formed during an Electric Universe event.