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: Tarot in an Electric Universe
: electrobleme May 03, 2010, 16:46:18
just picked up a book called "Living the Tarot" by Amber Jayanti. I know nothing about Tarot and Tarot cards but as soon as i spotted the book i wondered if it may link in to the electric universe in an Akashic Records, Seer, Oracle sort of way...

not going to read it very soon but may get round to it one day
: About the practice of Magick Arts
: peter May 04, 2010, 16:06:13
just picked up a book called "Living the Tarot" by Amber Jayanti. I know nothing about Tarot and Tarot cards but as soon as i spotted the book i wondered if it may link in to the electric universe in an Akashic Records, Seer, Oracle sort of way...

not going to read it very soon but may get round to it one day

A palantír is a magical artifact from J. R. R. Tolkien's fantasy legendarium.


"When one looks into a palantír, one can communicate with other such stones and anyone who might be looking into them;"
"They are believed to have a power over people, as seen from the experience of Peregrin Took and the Orthanc-stone."

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palant%C3%ADr (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palant%C3%ADr)

To mislead people, the demons use spiritism
The practice of spiritism is involvement with the demons, both in a direct way and through a human medium. The Bible condemns spiritism and warns us to keep free from everything connected with it.

Now the works of the flesh are manifest, and they are fornication, uncleanness, loose conduct,  idolatry, practice of spiritism, enmities, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, contentions, divisions, sects, envies, drunken bouts, revelries, and things like these. As to these things I am forewarning YOU, the same way as I did forewarn YOU, that those who practice such things will not inherit God’s kingdom.
(Galatians 5:19-21)

Spiritism does for the demons what bait does for fishermen. A fisherman uses a variety of baits to catch various kinds of fish. Similarly, wicked spirits use different forms of spiritism to bring all sorts of people under their influence.
: divination in an Electric Universe
: electrobleme May 07, 2010, 23:15:40
Divination for me is not fortune-telling, the foretelling or 'reading' of future events for another. It is a means of bringing the divinity present within each of us and all life situations to the fore.

The word divination means, 'to know by inspiration , intuition, or reflection. To bring forth (or down) the divine through augury - the interpretation of signs, omens and symbols'. All we really have before us is the present, which is, of course, the fruit of our past actions and decisions.

What those who do predictive work do is, in truth, only based upon the present, and we all know how changeable the present moment may be.

"Living the Tarot" by Amber Jayanti

everything can be used for good or bad - money, relationships, food, the bible, religions, information, conversations ...

everything that I say below is what I believe at the moment. I am sure it will change. Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps in years to come

i believe that accessing the akashic records of the electric universe through a form of divination or meditation is no different to prayer and getting an answer or being given a sign by god. i know a lot of christians who open the bible hoping that god will speak to them through a random verse that he shows them. for those who do not believe in god they must have another way for the universe to speak to and guide them.

peter, i respect your concerns about spiritualism and understand why you say them. but i have been told by many christians that yoga is the devils work and allows you to be possessed by demons. they have said the same about meditation and chanting mantras

there may be a difference between using "spirits" and divination. i would never use an Ouija board for example due to the "spirits" side of it.
divination to me is being open to the forces of the universe - either natural or a higher being(s) - and the human energies that have lived before me. so they can help me on the journey
it seems the more you get in tune with the natural energy of the universe from an EU point of view,  the more you are able to access or be shown its other knowledge. It can not show or speak to everyone in the same way

i have been shown many different things, many different signs. it may be a phrase i read, an object i see, a thought bolt from the blue, a posting on this forum. if i ignored them because they were not "religious" then i would never have got to this stage of my life.i would certainly never have been able to enjoy reading your posts, thinking about what you say and the knowledge you share with us

: Re: Tarot in an Electric Universe
: kevin May 08, 2010, 02:30:53
I have been asked to leave many a church because I had My dowsing rods with me.
Usually they state that I am doing the devils work.
I try to joke about it with them asking them if they see the devil to ask him for some payment as I have been dowsing most of My life and never recieved a penny.
Me thinks , they doth protest toooooo loudly?
: The Morphic Field that is bound to the Tarot
: peter May 08, 2010, 03:52:17
I have cited the example of a palantír because I hope that most people knows the movie "The Lord of the Rings" and understand what I tried to suggest with it.
For sure I am at least open minded as you are in this "electrifying" forum and it was not my intend to deprive someone of achieving a constructive spiritual experience.

I hope you understand that I am really worried if someone of you, especially the most open minded and gifted people and sensitives, could get serious harm by experimenting with a TECHNOLOGY that was engineered for a specific scope:

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

The New Age cult encourage to experiment with Tarot, Yoga and Magick. But only because it sounds cool and they have nice picture on the card sets and with some candle light on can experience a thrilling evening, it does not mean that this things are harmless.

Look, I believe that Tarot cards can give a specific insight into the subconscious and the "Akashic Records" (collective mind).  For me personally they are not hokuspokus or fantasy, but a real technology. They are indeed technological tools to get in communication with a spiritual realm.

The Tarots was created to link your personal morphic field to a collective field of invisible spirits that rules this world. This spirits are super smart and they are older than humanity. But this spirits are evil. They execute a bad influence on all which are connected to them.

Please do not misunderstand me. I am not that kind of preacher that watching a woman with red hair cries loud out "Witch". Absolutely not. I am a very, very, verryyyy curious guy for any kind of spiritual experience. And I got my finger burned with THAT kind of bad experience. So reconsider please if it is worth to risk to get in touch with that kind of field. There exist better and more secure ways to get deep knowledge and insight. You will not be deprived of something that you really need.

If you are curious I can share with you my personal experience in order to satisfy your intellectual and spiritual hunger. But it is better to learn from the experience of someone else than making the own bad experience with it.

See also: Is There Anything Wrong with Witchcraft? - http://lux-os.com/y/m4 (http://lux-os.com/y/m4)
: peter is an electric universe
: electrobleme May 08, 2010, 06:04:18

i would be interested in you describing your experience. if you dont want them public then feel free to PM me. i am also very interested in your views on spirituality, spirits and how it fits in with your ideas of god in the EU. i have to say peter you are one of the most unique christians i have actually had a proper discussion with. to know your thoughts on these subjects would be good.

i will tell you that stuff you have said in the past certainly helps to start to explain how there could be a god in an electric universe. not saying i believe in a god or your god but you have put the case forward in relation to an EU god better than any person i have met. maybe you are one of the first at your level? what do other christians you speak to think of what you say? its one thing we have all experienced trying to explain to someone the EU theory but then to mix it with christianity!

if you could indulge me in one thing... not lots of bible verses. obviously they do fit in with your story but it may also encourage others surfing the page to read your posts in full. which is half of what its all about. like seo of a site, getting them there is half the battle.

: Re: Tarot in an Electric Universe
: Mo May 14, 2010, 11:40:25
Each tarot card depicts a fairly common situation or feeling, etc. The major arcana may well tell the story of the cataclysms the Earth underwent, although this will be severely contested by students of the origins of the tarot. Thus a person shuffles the cards and thus creates a story via a line of cards. Now whether some entity suddenly possesses such a person in shuffling the cards seems unlikely. More likely is that our inner self can control the shuffling. Then it is the job of the reader to tell the story depicted perhaps using natural abilities along with experience. Thus the inner self can communicate via such means.

But it is the connection of the major arcana with the past cataclysms that really interests me as I look through my Rider Tarot deck. It is easy to ascribe planets to the main characters, like the Empress, for example. The Lovers has a Sun, maybe, and a winged creature in the sky. The Chariot is strictly Egyptian pharaoh and thanks to Gary Gilligan we know that means planet. The Tower depicts a lightning bolt. The Star, the Moon and the Sun are planetary. Judgement is a winged creature in the sky. There is no doubt in my mind that the past is depicted.