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: Myths and Legends explained in an Electric Universe
: electrobleme November 29, 2009, 05:33:17
Myths and Legends explained in an Electric Universe

The ancient myths and legends are so crazy to modern humans they seem totally made up. But why would all civilisations around the world create the same mad stories of planets as gods fighting and destroying each other? How come around the world we have basically the same stories and gods? Unless everyone witnessed these events.

It is unlikely that the whole world made up these stories and built temples, cultures, legends and their own history around made up stories.  These are the same people who built the ancient wonders and had such advanced knowledge.

All the ancient myths and legends seemed unexplainable to our world. Was this because our world is very different to the one that the ancients lived in? Are myths and legends Symbols of an Alien Sky?

* Symbols of an Alien Sky and Remembering the end of the World (http://www.everythingselectric.com/forum/index.php?topic=175.msg389#msg389)
* the God King Scenario - Egyptian mythology and Gods (http://www.everythingselectric.com/forum/index.php?topic=175.msg390#msg390)
* Mythopedia - Plasma Mythology (http://www.everythingselectric.com/forum/index.php?topic=175.msg391#msg391)
* Thunderbolts.info Mythology TPOD (http://www.everythingselectric.com/forum/index.php?topic=175.msg392#msg392)


** How did the change in Earths orbit affect Humans? (http://www.everythingselectric.com/forum/index.php?topic=175.msg394#msg394) - Epigenetics and magnetic entropy on humans and the Earth

: Symbols of an Alien Sky and Remembering the end of the World
: electrobleme November 29, 2009, 05:46:22
Symbols of an Alien Sky

(http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/symbols-of-an-alien-sky-2.jpg) (http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/index.php?level=picture&id=1564)

David Talbott has been studying mythology for many years. The video he has produced called Symbols of an Alien Sky follows on from his work with incredible and life changing Thunderbolts of the Gods (youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIbUK3c9zak) or full version on googlevideo (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4773590301316220374&ei=4-cQSabkGofIqALnltmDAQ&q=thunderbolt%20gods&hl=en#)) and his earlier film Remembering the end of the World.

The basic idea is that why did our ancestors give godly and terrible powers and stories to the planets? Especially as they are so far away and have nothing to do with us? Unless in our past they were things to fear and did bring devastation to the Earth.

As crazy as it sound the visual and historical evidence is very convincing and as you get further into Symbols of an Alien Sky it seems as if his theories have stronger proof.

(http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/polar-conjunction-explained-saturn-venus-mars-mother-goddess-great-star-text-800.jpg) (http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/index.php?level=picture&id=1566)

There are 3 ten minute samples of the Symbols of an Alien Sky video available on youtube.


Part 1 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzxVhLcCH8w) is about the ancient myths and legends themselves


Part 2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4ZT-IOf0gM) is about the petroglyphs, rock art etc found around the world that all show the same crazy images


Part 3 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoThe9EzcaE) is about the Cosmic Wheel and the Earths Golden Age, Garden of Eden, and shows the ideas behind the Polar Configuration

: the God King Scenario - Egyptian mythology and Gods
: electrobleme November 29, 2009, 06:14:25
Egyptian mythology and Gods explained in an Electrical Universe

(http://www.gks.uk.com/images/winged%20disk.jpg) (http://www.gks.uk.com/gks6/)

Egyptian mythology - detailed, good explanations, lots of images to back up his ideas and theories. Great site by author Gary Gilligan who has a couple of catastrophe mythology books. I have not read the books yet so can not review them but I will certainly get them soon.

The God King Scenario (GKS) deems that the monarchy of ancient Egypt were first and foremost guises of primarily Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Moon as they appeared to repeatedly move back and forth to Earth (from Earth's POV) in cosmic encounters lasting 3,000 years (Pharaonic Egypt). They were in the second instant represented here on earth numerous times over by people who believed they were ‘at one’ or the earthly manifestation of astral bodies.
The God King Scenario - gks.uk.com (http://www.gks.uk.com/)

(http://www.gks.uk.com/images/clip_image004_0001.jpg) (http://www.gks.uk.com/gks6/)

One good example of his research but also a case of "What dont you see?" is about Re (Ra) the Sun God. Ra was the Egyptian Sun God yet he is shown as a red disk? Why not yellow? Unless he was not yellow.

Re (Ra) - the red Sun God

The following essay it is a perfect example of how the most obvious evidence can be overlooked. It shows how childlike observations can lead to incredible discoveries which irrefutably prove that planetary chaos is reaching out to us from the not so distant past.

...It matters little where Re’s symbol is found. Whether used as part of the ‘sacred’ inscriptions or as a pictorial image dressed with wings, cow’s horns, plumes or cobras, Re’s most basic form consisted of a simple red disk – why?

Re 5The Sun is a blinding, golden-yellow disk with emanating rays – a ball of glaring, golden light – so why paint, what is by comparison, a lifeless red disk?

....As one of the original creator gods, Re was ‘the lord of all lands’ and ‘the great light who shinest in the heavens.’ Life on Earth depended on Re and he was revered greatly. The Egyptians believed that he created the world, and the rising Sun was their symbol of creation. Would the Egyptians risk the wrath of this great god by ignoring its true form in this way?

The abundance of glorious reliefs proves that the Egyptians were proud of their art. Many pieces took months, if not years, to complete as each hieroglyph was meticulously carved and painted. The colours were of paramount importance and many gods had their own sacred colours. It therefore seems bizarre that they created a disk to represent the Sun and then proceeded to paint it red!
Can we have our glaring ball back please?! Re, the RED sun - gks.uk.com/gks6 (http://www.gks.uk.com/gks6/)

(http://www.gks.uk.com/images/clip_image025_0000.jpg) (http://www.gks.uk.com/gks6/)

And for those who will read to the bottom of his article you will find a real treat and eye opener. A section called "Where’s the Moon?"

His page of links for Geological Evidence (http://www.gks.uk.com/geoev/) is also worth a view.

: Mythopedia - Plasma Mythology
: electrobleme November 29, 2009, 06:32:13
Ancient rock art and myths explained

(http://www.mythopedia.info/images/field%20work/photo-6638-mp-s.jpg) (http://www.mythopedia.info/field.html) (http://www.mythopedia.info/images/field%20work/photo-6663-mp-s.jpg) (http://www.mythopedia.info/field.html)

'Plasma mythology' explores in what ways ‘plasma phenomena’ in near-earth space are reflected in human myths, rituals and artefacts ranging from stone circles and petroglyphs to pyramids, sculptures and mythical writings.
mythopedia introduction - mythopedia.info (http://www.mythopedia.info/intro.html)

Mythopedia is a site run by Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs who, amongst other things, also contributes to thunderbolt.info TPOD's (http://www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/00current.htm) (Thunderbolts Picture Of the Day). One example of his work is the TPOD "Space Tornadoes Cause a Stir".

His work is based on detailed research but also many field trips around the world (http://www.mythopedia.info/field.html).

Mythopedia contains the outlines of his work, ideas, sources and history but it does not have a lot of articles on it. For his ideas and work you need to read his TPOD articles (http://www.mythopedia.info/tpods.html) and there are a lot of them. A few examples include The Flood from Heaven, The Winged Disk, The Feathered Serpent, The Mountain of the Gods.

van der Sluijs TPOD articles really do explain mythology from an Electric Universe point of view.

(http://www.mythopedia.info/images/photo-15162-mp-s.jpg) (http://www.mythopedia.info/source.html)

He also has a few books (http://www.mythopedia.info/books.html) out, a couple being "The Mythology of the World Axis - Exploring the Role of Plasma in World Mythology" and "The World Axis as an Atmospheric Phenomenon"

: Thunderbolts.info Mythology TPOD
: electrobleme November 29, 2009, 07:12:51
thunderbolts.info TPOD - Mythology

(http://www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/2007/image07/070709squatterdesigns1.jpg) (http://www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/2007/arch07/070709squatterman.htm)

The thunderbolts.info sites has a TPOD (Thunderbolts Picture Of the Day) that is essential for anyone interested in the Electric Universe Theory. They also regularly have TPOD articles on Mythology (http://www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/00subjectx.htm#Mythology) from an EU point of view.

One example of an Mythology TPOD is quoted below.

Memories of the "Squatter Man"

Many symbolic patterns around the world can now be seen as variations of the global "squatter man" or "stick man" first documented by plasma scientist Anthony Peratt. They are stylized derivations of a plasma discharge configuration seen in the ancient sky.

The "squatter" or " stickman" figure is a ubiquitous symbol found in nearly every culture. It is often confused with a crude, distorted version of the human form. Some cultures speak of it as the big red man in the heavens.

Below is a simple illustration of a three-dimensional plasma discharge form appearing above ancient sky worshippers, inspiring a vast array of mythical interpretations. The laboratory verified configuration includes a transparent “champagne glass” form above, a transparent “hollow donut” (when seen edge-on), and the “squashed bell” form below, all joined by an axial spine running down from the “head” of the figure.

(http://www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/2007/image07/070709plasma.jpg) (http://www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/2007/arch07/070709squatterman.htm)

When appearing in the heavens, this plasma discharge column--the axis mundi of world mythology--evolved through a series of "plasma instabilities" documented in high energy laboratory experiments. Seen here are examples (left to right) from Armenia, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Arizona, and Guina.

(http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/squatter-squatting-man-petroglyphs-rockart-images-around-the-world.jpg) (http://www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/2007/arch07/070709squatterman.htm)

As we have noted in previous Pictures of the Day, a columnar discharge current breaks up into a string of sausage-like cells—usually 7 to 9 in number—which evolve into donut-like ring currents (toroids). The stacked toroids flatten into disks, and their edges fold away from the disk plane—upward in the top toroids and downward in the bottom ones. The form that we see as the "Stickman" is the culmination of a late phase, as a number of the flattened toroids fold up to form the stickman's head. This squatting figure is one of the more stable (longer-lasting) plasma “instabilities,” and in this phase it was the the brightest and most terrifying component in a configuration of stunning impact on human imagination. The discharge form was recorded on stone by all human communities that witnessed it, and it influenced sacred designs across several millennia. (See, for example the Chinese Longevity Symbol.) Often, as in the colorful images above, the designs will explain themselves through comparative analysis. But it is also helpful to remember that the configuration was visually alive. The “arms” of the celestial figure, for example, were not stationary but dynamic toruses, “warping” or folding upward, then downward, then upward again.

The archetypal form can be seen in widely varied compositions. And as plasma discharge experts would be the first to point out, this includes innumerable “secondary” design elements, including the bi-polar “thunderbolt” loosely indicated in the Navaho rug design:

(http://www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/2007/image07/070709navajo.jpg) (http://www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/2007/arch07/070709squatterman.htm)

Memories of the "Squatter Man" - thunderbolts.info TPOD (http://www.thunderbolts.info/tpod/2007/arch07/070709squatterman.htm)

: Re: Myths and Legends explained in an Electric Universe?
: Mo November 29, 2009, 14:07:21
That the smaller Solar System bodies - Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Earth and Mars were on very different and unstable orbits only a few thousand years ago, is undoubtable to me.  This means that our ancestors went through difficult survival experiences. This has affected our genetics and epigenetics. Consequently the understanding of these past experiences stands out as extremely important to humanity. Yet attempts to get discussion groups going have not met with much support. Perhaps my style is not conducive to such discussions, but nevertheless I feel I must support any attempt towards such discussions.
: The Tree of Life or The Tree of Death?
: electrobleme November 29, 2009, 18:23:56

(http://www.everythingiselectric.com//images/signsandwonders/treeoflife-palaceofkingsargonII-dur-sharrukin-assyrian-iraq-thumbb.jpg) (http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/index.php?level=picture&id=1014) (http://www.everythingiselectric.com//images/signsandwonders/assyrian-maltese-treeoflife-thesquatterman-templebuilderspottery-thumbb.jpg) (http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/thumbs/lrg-1009-assyrian-maltese-treeoflife-thesquatterman-templebuilderspottery.jpg) (http://www.everythingiselectric.com//images/signsandwonders/tree-of-life-worldnaval-axismundi-babylonianassyrianancient-thumbb.jpg) (http://www.everythingiselectric.com/malta/tree-of-life-squatter-man-chi-rho.html#sacredtreesoflife-highenergyplasmadischarge)

One of the problems and issues when discussing Plasma Mythology and the changing planets micro system is explaining the period when the planets changed orbit. People can see the Squatting Man and Tree of Life as having a lot of factual (historical and pictorial) basis. The issue that Mo has raised about the survival experiences really needs to be investigated or explained further. It is related to the question why is it called the Tree of Life if catastrophe is associated with it?


Maybe David Talbotts "Symbols of an Alien Sky (http://www.everythingselectric.com/forum/index.php?topic=175.msg389#msg389)" has helped to start to clear it up, if the Polar Configuration theory is correct? The Golden Age was in conjunction with Sun we have today, which I did not realise, causing the crescent image on Saturn  that has been interpreted by historians as the crescent moon. So when the Polar Configuration separated the Earth was still heated by the Sun?

The issue here is that the orbit of the Earth must have been on a different orbit than today, so was the Earth much colder or hotter than today, did this cause one or all the Ice Ages? How did humans survive the transition?

If the Earths heat is not totally depending on the Sun but its own transformation/creation of electrical energy from the Electric Universe then this could help keep the Earth warm enough. Basically does the Earth create some of its own heat/energy and is therefore its own engine/heater?

What are the other ideas on different planetary configurations and changes?

The fact that catastrophe did hit the earth is in no doubt to anyone, it is just a matter of what you think caused it. Comet impacts, Super Volcanoes, EU catastrophe... The world’s mythology backs it up but so it seems does science and the human DNA bottlenecks that appear in our history. Although the dates will be argued by many EU people these population bottlenecks (http://www.bookrags.com/research/population-bottleneck-gen-03/) appear to have happened.

What I found fascinating is the fact that one of the Plasma Mythology events is called "The Tree of Life". If it causes such catastrophe and devastation to the earth why would you call it The Tree of Life?

A few ideas:
* The radiation from it changed the DNA of life forms on Earth. This would explain why humans have changed suddenly, why new races have appeared. There is no missing link because we are the missing link. Humans did not "evolve" as such they just mutated very, very quickly into another form.
This may also help to explain why we have such distinct different races (pdf) (http://www.pnas.org/content/93/21/12035.full.pdf) on earth. Each one is very distinct from the other.
This would also explain "evolutionary radiation" after a catastrophe. The apparent explosion of life and massive variations of new life forms after a catastrophe

* The earths power (Gaia) changed and so the animals and life forms it creates or can support changed

* The Tree of Life brought new life from the other planets involved


The growth of the sacred Trees of Life (http://www.everythingiselectric.com/malta/tree-of-life-squatter-man-chi-rho.html#sacredtreesoflife-highenergyplasmadischarge)
Symbols of an Alien Sky - Sample 3 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoThe9EzcaE) - The Cosmic Wheel and the Tree of Life (10 minute youtube sample)

: Re: Myths and Legends explained in an Electric Universe?
: Mo November 30, 2009, 05:18:46
Regarding the Earth getting too cold in an elliptical orbit, perhaps the Earth nearing the Sun, in the vicinity of Mercury or Venus, would have not only produced a lot of evaporation and precipitation at the poles, but also some electrical effects that produced a lot of dust, especially from volcanoes. And this dust served to keep the heat in when the Earth was far  from the Sun. Also much heat, from the close approach to the Sun, could have been stored at great depth and it would take possibly years for this heat to work it's way to the surface and be radiated away into space.

The missing links may be explained by most life not leaving any evidence of it's existence and fossils only being formed under catastrophic circumstances. Unfortunately the 'different races (pdf)' didn't load for me, as I thought that the basic differences between races are mostly epigenetic, and therefore an outcome of adaption to the environment, which could have occurred relatively quickly.

The planets were probably in a different configuration before a reorganization period. However, although the state of humanity in this previous planetary configuration is significant, the real issue for humanity is the effects of the huge dramas and general struggle to survive that our ancestors went through. Thus the work of Gary Gilligan seems likely to lead to an understanding of the reorganization period.
: The earth in a different orbit
: electrobleme November 30, 2009, 22:10:39
Good point about the dust as it is found everywhere (http://www.everythingselectric.com/forum/index.php?topic=73.0) there is possible Electric Universe activity. More electrical energy you would suspect create more things like Volcanoes. How else would it change the weather that could help humans survive?

The EU seems to point to the idea that the earth does get power not just through the suns heat but by its part in the electric circuit. Wallace Thornhill (also with David Talbott) in their   radio interview  (Thunderbolts of the Gods) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYe9ZVcP5kg)with George Noory on Coast to Coast radio says that even if the earths orbit was 2 million miles closer to the Sun we would survive due to the electric power creating our weather systems. This part is mentioned starting around 3 minutes into this part of the interview.

One interesting thing that is mentioned in this interview (part 5 and 6) is about the Electric Universe and humans being connected to it. Not just our body but our brain as a transmitter/reciever not just a processor. Information and memories stored in the ether and accessed through our brain, not stored in it. This article Where are our thoughts written? (http://www.hydrogen2oxygen.net/where-are-our-thoughts-written/) on hydrogen2oxygen .net explains the idea.

Even if this is not the case would these times of catastrophe and great electric energy events and charges change our bodies and brains? Perhaps so we could either feel, hear or see stuff that we could not before. Even if it was just a change to the natural world would the earth and the planets start "singing" or making noises? Other effects would also be seen and felt.

: Re: The earth in a different orbit
: Mo December 01, 2009, 04:58:53
How could the plants and animals survive with the Earth in an elliptical orbit ?  Most of the time in such an orbit would be far from the Sun with little light and cold to extremely cold conditions. Perhaps this is the reason that writers keep coming up with a Saturn System that orbitted the Sun somewhere near where Earth is now. Whereas it takes a lot less energy for the Saturn System to have been somewhere near where Saturn/Jupiter is now. And the smaller planets were scattered and mostly headed for the Sun.

One wonders why the planets would have stayed in the ecliptic plane after a near interaction. Perhaps there is an electrical force acting on a planet that heads out of the ecliptic. Then there is the possibility of this electrical force producing heating or light. Now if the planets are going everywhere in the ecliptic plane, how much electrical interaction would they have. The planets might have had much bigger magnetospheres than at present, because things were much more charged after the break-up. If so then there would have been heaps of electrical interactions which would have produced light and heat.

Humans would have faced enormous stress and trauma, but could have survived the Earth being in an elliptical orbit. Experiments have shown that creatures under such stress undergo epigenetic changes, and these changes can be passed on to their children. Therefore we are all changed via traumatic experiences. Such changes are disease. Of course there was a lot of epigenetic changes through adaption to the new environment also. Understanding all this is required.
: Epigenetics and magnetic entropy
: electrobleme December 01, 2009, 19:07:04
I don't know enough about the changes in orbit from the EU point of view to work out what might have happened but I am open to any ideas about it that are based on sensible logic and reasoning. After all we will never be able to 100% prove what happened in the past, only offer alternatives to the Gravity only orbits.

Epigenetics is a new term to me and it makes a lot of sense that these catastrophe events would change humans, not just their outlook on the world but physically and mentally. I would guess that there was a lot of energy being created by these events, not just synchrotronic radiation.

A catastrophe would also undo a lot of mental programming, a massive shock or stress can break the mental thought processes you had before and allow someone to be re programmed or just forget everything they had been taught before. The classic examples are Pavlovs Dog and the flood, civilians who get involved in war and become murderous animals and of course 911. Before that day terrorists where white folk like the IRA but the days after with the relentless news coverage the world had been programmed to now see terrorists as Arabs.

Is this another reason why we forgot or lost a lot of our advanced knowledge that we surely had? Apart from a lot of people being killed during these catastrophes you would presume.

One thing I have found out is something called magnetic entropy (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=ArticleURL&_udi=B6TVH-47XWRGV-X&_user=10&_rdoc=1&_fmt=&_orig=search&_sort=d&_docanchor=&view=c&_acct=C000050221&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=10&md5=26cb12a46f946cb4b657578e826e168b), where amongst other things, the structure of crystals/cells do change under electromagnetic forces.

It would seem very likely that humans and the very earth itself would have also changed during these catastrophes. How do you think the changes due to the stress and trauma would affect humans and the offspring? What would it do physcially and also mentally?

: Re: Myths and Legends explained in an Electric Universe?
: Mo December 02, 2009, 10:08:18
"After all we will never be able to 100% prove what happened in the past,..."
Well those Egyptians probably recorded every event in the sky. The sky was just that important to them. How did they record an incident in a particular constellation. Which makes one wonder how they recorded exactly where in the sky an event occurred in the Saturn System. And so did the ancient Egyptians still incorporate the old system in their heiroglyphics.

Perhaps we could do a group investigation of a particular subject - like Egyptian. Perhaps, 'when an event occurred' may be more difficult to determine than precisely where in the sky. Nevertheless if we could translate the heiroglyphics in terms of where-abouts in the sky, that would be a good project.

"Is this another reason why we forgot or lost a lot of our advanced knowledge that we surely had?"
It's better to think about the lost advanced humanity than trying to get the knowledge and power before we are healed enough to handle it. We would be advanced if we just lost the baggage that is retarding us.

"How do you think the changes due to the stress and trauma would affect humans and the offspring? What would it do physically and also mentally?"
Well soldiers going to war undergo stress and trauma and we have a good idea of the PTSD they suffer as a consequence. And it has been shown that the children of these soldiers are affected too. If there was a trauma that all of humanity went through, then we are all affected by it. So can we heal ourselves from the effects of something so ancient ?  I guess we first have to accept that such a trauma happened and then we need to understand the trauma. What more is needed is not as certain as these first two things. So understanding our past is the go.
: Re: Myths and Legends explained in an Electric Universe?
: Mo December 03, 2009, 09:30:23
First - I'm not so sure that a more highly charged planet would have a bigger magnetosphere.

Egyptian used landmarks as representative of stars. So that the map of the sky was reproduced on the ground. Thus we have the Giza pyramids as Orion, but this fit is doubtful. So presumably when the Egyptians saw something in the sky then they found the position on the ground which was equivalent to the place in the sky where the event took place. Then I guess they built a monument and wrote hieroglyphics describing the event. It might be the Pharaoh as Mars and the Pharaoh's son as Mercury, and the story would be of the interaction of the two people.

Then for the time we use the lists of Pharaohs and hopefully there are stories of each Pharaohs life. And if we had the time of year the event occurred then we must be getting close to getting orbital information.
: mapping the egyptian temples and buildings
: electrobleme December 03, 2009, 18:12:27
the idea of mapping of events in the sky to the physical ground in Egypt is interesting

I guess you would either need to work out what was there original point of reference for all the kings (like the Greenwich Meridian and the Equator in our times) or work out each king as an individual and then try to put them together or work out the point of reference from there.

If they did have points of reference then Thebes and the Nile would be good candidates but there could be many others, temples, mountains, where the sun rose/set on a certain day? etc

One thing that would need to be looked at specially would be Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) who when Pharaoh not just changed the official religion but also moved the capital from Thebes to Amarna (Akhetaten as it was also called).

If we are looking for changes in the sky or in Egypt then Akhenatens change of Gods is interesting. Books seem to suggest he went from Amun-Ra (the creation god, breath of life...) to worship Aten, the Sun god. Why did he change to the one god and that god?

One of the issues with this though is that if orbits have changed then how do you work it out? Or do you work out what they were saying, who they built them to, get a map of it all then see if that reflects what we see today or what peoples theories say the planetary configurations might have been?
: Human Catastrophe Syndrome and World Group Therapy
: electrobleme December 03, 2009, 18:25:04

Humans having to understand our past to progress now and in the future makes a lot of sense. People did remember Domesday (dooms day) and were fearful of it happening again, hence them watching the planets and shitting themselves everytime a comet came into the sky. Now we dont understand our past or what they were telling us. Although its fairly clear if you just look at the images and what they are saying. But we know better because they were heathens and not people of science and logic...

The fact that humans changed after catastrophes seems to be mentioned a lot, even though humans have a longing for the past, when the world, people and even the weather was better (be it 40 or 4000 years ago) there are a lot of mentions of the Golden Age, the Garden of Eden type places and worlds. Then catastrophe happened, the world changed, the sky fell on our head, we got kicked out of the garden. Then murder, death, disease and 9-5 working came into the world.

I spoke to a German person who told me that one of  the old bits of lore passed down to him was that the germanic people in the real old days were "peacefull" and not warlike. Then "something" happened, the sky fell on their heads and they became a warrior nation. Is this an example of Human Catastrophe Syndrome?

So, if the world can accept what happened to us then we can start a world group therapy to heal ourselves and make ourselves and the world a much better place.

: Re: Myths and Legends explained in an Electric Universe
: Mo December 07, 2009, 14:35:24
Perhaps the idea that each point on the map of Egypt represents a point in the sky, is not quite clear. Thus each major star would be a place in Egypt, so one would expect many buildings to represent stars. The Pharaohs would be planets that would wander all over Egypt, but presumably stick to the ecliptic which could be the Nile.

Now if a building has hieroglyphics that say that the pharaoh visited there in a certain month, then we can say that if the planet Mars was the pharaoh then Mars was at that particular location in the sky in that month.

I'm trying to set up my laptop to Windows 7, so I'll be a bit tied up for a while.
: Re: Myths and Legends explained in an Electric Universe
: kevin December 25, 2009, 16:09:22
As today is the date it is,
I would just like to point out something that may be so common place as to not be seen, a can't see the wood for the tree's situation.
Evergreens, WHY?
You can go all the way back to Egypt with this, so variant religious traditions have nothing but a veiling effect as to WHY.
I can only report as I find, and evergreens display a constantFIELD direction, they do decrease the field dimensions in winter, but most other trees reverse their field directions in winter totally, thus mimicking death.
I conclude that they do this to drop out fluids that can freeze, the evergreens must produce anti-freeze in some form?
Trees reverse gravity, the water when they rotate their field clockwise falls to the top point of this field , on Sept 22nd they begin to reverse the field direction totally, thus the fluids are attracted to the normal earth system.
If You cut and take a tree indoors, You are then introducing a local area of clockwise rotating FIELD.
It's all by field, Biefeld-brown.
: Re: Myths and Legends explained in an Electric Universe
: Mo December 25, 2009, 18:01:03
Kevin - I don't understand how you get that trees reverse gravity. Electrical fields would surely affect the polarised water molecules. I'm probably not grasping what you are saying.
: for ever green and purple
: electrobleme December 25, 2009, 18:53:45
does each species of plants have a specific field? is that why some plants work well together for example you have "companion plants" that you grow together because the chemicals they produce from photosynthesis/growing/exchanging the power of the universe help each other. could their fields also combine to help each other?

all plants are electrical so is this also why they are good indoors and make a room feel good? why, not just due to water and sunlight , but why some plants dont grow well in certain spots? also outdoors is the same?

does anyone know if the japanese/chinese use specific plants in their gardens and room designs?

in the discussion about how some plants and fungi might be created or influenced to become that certain type by the energy of the earth (click here for the link (http://www.everythingselectric.com/forum/index.php?topic=59.msg482#msg482)) could the plants themselves help create more of themselves or encourage companion plants. like stinging nettles and dock leaves? yin and yang

ever greens - do these grow in natural bands around the world and at specific heights? due to the field they find there and create?

one thing about pine trees is that they are natures weed killer, where the needles fall nothing grows. also if you want to destroy your neighbours chance of winning the prize in the village vegetable show you just put some pine needles in his compost and it totally kills it. Does it just do this chemically or the field destroys what was happening?

just wondering kevin if you get a different energy field in small clearings in woods, is the clearing there because the energy is different, not just because of sunlight/vegetation?

as Mo mentions, the field effects the water molecules, could this be a real key to this?
: Re: Myths and Legends explained in an Electric Universe
: kevin December 25, 2009, 19:51:56
      water molecules affected by field,
Excellent, now think planet sized, think of what PRESSURE is, why is pressure in a column of water different to a column of atmosphere?
WHY are there gravity anomolies over deep trench areas?( meisner submarine tests)
Hydrogen and it's ability to hold certain extras.
Fluids act under attraction, water can go uphill, it does constantly, but as it meets the surface layer it then begins to loose it's added on bits( Viktor Schauberger)
Fish utilise the upstream flow, the water may appear to go downstream, but other flows go the opposite.
Does a bird just utilise atmosphere to fly, I KNOW that their feathers field orientation is reversed, thus they are light in weight.
If You were to depict someone in legends as having feathed wings, would it be litteral or showing the consequences of having feathered wings?
If you were to wear feathers about your head, would it alter the field locally about them?
How does all of that water stay up there in the sky(in layers)?
Doesn't it feel refreshing in a downpour?
Thors hammer, thunderbolts from the gods, switching rates
: Re: Myths and Legends explained in an Electric Universe
: Mo December 26, 2009, 04:54:33
Kevin -
Are you saying that water becomes polarised, and so therefore there is an electric or electrostatic field set up, and so a fish or a bird could polarise itself in the same or opposite direction to this field, and so experience a force from this field ?

And thus by wearing feathers one creates a polarised field above one's head which could assist the movement of kundalini or prana. Or is my rather material suggestion off the mark.
: birds of a feather
: electrobleme December 26, 2009, 16:22:00

if gravity is an electric universe byproduct or force then you can change gravity in a number of ways and one way would be to change the electro field or material. super conductor experiments, that levitating frog.

cat hair is amazingly electric and they see "things" that we dont see or sense. most animals use electro fields to sense / travel / kill (all senses are electrical energy/field based?)

cuttlefish - how do they change colour over the whole body - do they sense the field for each of their pixels so they dont need to visually sense it

do marine animals change their field/surroundings to either immitate or stealth in the local environment? if marine animals can sense things and you have a large prey they might be able to detect it but by laying still the larger prey may discharge/balance themselves out to the surrounding environment. or change their body in a way to do it. different skins having different EU affects. is this why baby birds change feathers/colours? why human babies hair changes colour after birth? another reason for animals furs changing in winter/summer? not just for heat but to utilise the change in the energy field?

jungles go quiet when the large killer animals are nearby, does this also happen in the sea. do they electro sense that they are close?

could you catch more or less fish if you had a small flow of current through your fishing rod?

: Re: Myths and Legends explained in an Electric Universe
: kevin December 27, 2009, 16:51:56
         How We see, and what we see should be better understood, then the depications of viewed phenonoma will be better comprehended.
Whats red?
How does the eye percieve anything?
I reckon it's a two way street, signals travelling in both directions, but not along linear pathways.
Rainbows fascinate me, especially sun dogs.
I feel that they give clues to the spiral pathways that all information travels upon.
If those spiral pathways interfere with each other in cyclic meanderings, then is it not feasable that colour etc will change as the interferance patterns morph?
We see a blue sky, but that is relative to the membrane layers around this planet and how it is affected by the suns fields , if the suns field is deflected off course by another field flow then maybe we would see a different colour sun, and a different colour sky?
: why are there so few green flower petals in the world?
: electrobleme December 28, 2009, 06:44:51

I have noticed that green and purple are related, not just because they are the inverse colour of each other.

Purple is the action/growth/energy/transformation colour for plants whereas green seems to be the more stable part of plants.

(http://www.whatdontyousee.everythingiselectric.com/images/greenflower-green-with-purple-envy-greenpetals-advert.jpg) (http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/index.php?level=picture&id=281)
why are there so few green flower petals? even some green envy plants turns purple

Also, on a planet of countless billions of plants you get very few plants with green flower petals. If a plant does have green flowers then normally after the start they convert to purple.

Purple was even a "royal" colour in the old days, produced by squashing snails to get the dye (Wiki article onTyrian Purple (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_purple))

Tyrian Purple (Imperial Purple)? is it just balanced RGB grey colour with green removed?

To get purple using visible light you take away or reduce the green colour in the RGB for grey. if you remove green from white light you get a pinky purple. grey is the balance/midpoint / mid range frequency of RGB.

Purple is one end of the light spectrum.
: purple and green inverse of each other
: electrobleme December 31, 2009, 03:33:53

Just to show what i meant by the relationship between green and purple (inverse of each other)

: Re: Myths and Legends explained in an Electric Universe
: kevin April 25, 2010, 20:04:26
Have You seen this?
: ancient spirals and Kelvin Helmholtz instabilities
: electrobleme April 26, 2010, 00:57:48
wow :) reminds me of Malta's tarxien temples complex and their spirals... not one single spiral pattern is the same!  in this post about tarxien (http://www.everythingselectric.com/forum/index.php?topic=192.msg485#msg485) is a bit more info and links but basically the idea is that maltas "temples" are not temples but enery/power buildings (like most ancient large structures).

tarxien temples complex spirals - energy flow diagram - Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities?

Sardinia, Bonorva Chequered Tomb (Sa Pala Larga Tomb no 7) spirals (Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities) and "bulls horn" (http://www.stonepages.com/scacchiera/)

But the most striking visual element of the tomb is the series of great red spirals painted on a side cell: a total of seven spirals, many of them interconnected one to each other. The quality of that ancient painting is breathtaking, and on the roof of a side vault there is also a geometric figure very rarely found in a Sardinian tomb: a black and white chequered motif - something probably unique on a site apparently dating back to late Neolithic and related to the so-called Ozieri culture (from 3800 BCE to 2900 BCE).
The sealed wonders of Sardinia | stonepages.com (http://www.stonepages.com/news/archives/003769.html)

malta also has bull carvings and the hypogeum has a chequered pattern on its walls

Kelvin-Helmholtz instability (Spiral Structures in Turbulent Flow

The above 2 images are from kevins links

it does seem to show that certain EU knowledge was shared or understood by the races in europe and perhaps the world, although of course the idea of the serpant religion or priests having that knowledge might be correct.

the hypogeum in malta (underground "burial temple") also has spiral motifs.

i had thought of the spirals being the flow of energy around the rooms in tarxien but horizontally, not vertically. kevin, with the lattice could the spirals be vertical instead of horizontal?

what is strange about all the temples in malta is that not one has been found with any part of the roof structure. not even the remains of the room close by. there is a tiny model showing a roof that is supposed to be a temple ....

could the roofs have been destroyed by the surge that triggered all the "vitrified forts" around the world? could the locals have destroyed the roofs as these were essential for its workings when they abandoned and buried the ancient temples?

strangely, although only 10 minutes drive away (thats half way across the maltese world though!) i have not been back to tarxien even though i did try  and plan a trip to it a couple of times ... perhaps i was waiting for something without knowing it
: Re: Myths and Legends explained in an Electric Universe
: kevin April 26, 2010, 04:06:05

I try to think this out spherically, not just horizontal and vertical.
Thus where the pyramid top point is, is where multiple spiral vortex points will pinch.
I can follow all of this with ease across the surface, and know that the barrows in England are sited where multiple bloch wall spirals meet, as are the norman churchs , but at different geometric meeting points.
Each line( phase conjugate lasers) that I follow creates a magnetic slinky like coil around it, where these lines concentrate and overlap into each other You get the spirals inter-twined( that is what the diamond chequer shapes in black and white will be showing)
These points will be where inter dimensional transfer will occur imho.
: horns of plenty and z-pinch instabilities
: electrobleme April 28, 2010, 17:40:06

The auroral electrical circuit is by far the best known of all space plasma circuits [34], [35]. It is derived from a large number of measurements in the magnetosphere and ionosphere. Above the lower atmosphere, at about 100 km, multiple layers of plasma form the ionosphere. The auroras occur in the lower portion of the ionosphere, primarily from about 90 to about 150 km, as the result of electrons interacting with and exciting molecules in the upper atmosphere. Prehistoric man at northern latitudes often likened the patterns produced to the butting of goat’s horns in combat [3].
Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity (large pdf) - Anthony L. Peratt (large pdf!) (http://www.theplasmaverse.com/pdfs/Characteristics-for-the-Occurrence-of-a-HighCurrent-ZPinch-Aurora-as-Recorded-in-Antiquity-squatter-squatting-man-Anthony-Peratt.pdf)

tarxien temple malta - goats with horns

this image has always puzzled me, why would they draw these animals in this way, why a line? why are the last 2 animals on the right so different to the others?

the act of carving them and putting them in the building is not a random thing. does it fit in with all the other "energy" stuff. does it show another aspect to the EU nature of the maltas "temples"?
: chequered past? Bonorva Chequered Tomb, Sardinai
: electrobleme April 28, 2010, 17:55:08

The chequered motif painted on a side vault, Bonorva Chequered Tomb, Sardinai

intense auroral funnel from z-pinch and diamonds/chequered pattern near top

Fig. 4 (shown above) is a graphic depiction of an intense auroral funnel. The thin outer plasma has filamented into small diameter plasma currents and inner plasma sheets and core. The upper part of the funnel has either a diamond, mottled, or cellular structure, while the incoming part of the funnel consists (looking up) of concentrics of dots and cylinders. The instabilities that occur in the mid to bottom part of the funnel will be a topic of study in this paper. For an intense aurora, the converging filaments are seen not only as dots, but also as dots connected to the visible converging filaments at higher altitude
Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current, Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity (large pdf) - Anthony L. Peratt (large pdf!) (http://www.theplasmaverse.com/pdfs/Characteristics-for-the-Occurrence-of-a-HighCurrent-ZPinch-Aurora-as-Recorded-in-Antiquity-squatter-squatting-man-Anthony-Peratt.pdf)

: what images did they see in the ancient skies?
: electrobleme May 15, 2010, 06:46:01
what did they see in the ancient skies? the owl, the all seeing eye, the ring, the squatter man

the squatter man = plasma discharge?
the all seeing eye, the ring, supernova 1987a = cylindrical birkeland current sheets?

the owl and the owl eyes = zpinch/plasmoids?

: supernova1987a mainstream guess of what we are seeing
: electrobleme May 15, 2010, 06:54:28

supernova1987a mainstream guess of what we are seeing

Supernova 1987A

Supernova 1987A

STScI-PR94-22 This striking NASA Hubble Space Telescope picture shows three rings of glowing gas encircling the site of supernova 1987A, a star which exploded in February 1987.

Though all of the rings appear inclined to our view (so that they appear to intersect) they are probably in three different planes. The small bright ring lies in a plane containing the supernova, the two larger rings lie in front and behind it.

The rings are a surprise because astronomers expected to see, instead, an hourglass shaped bubble of gas being blown into space by the supernova's progenitor star (based on previous HST observations, and images at lower resolution taken at ground-based observatories).

One possibility is that the two rings might be "painted" on the invisible hourglass by a high-energy beam of radiation that is sweeping across the gas, like a searchlight sweeping across clouds. The source of the radiation might be a previously unknown stellar remnant that is a binary companion to the star that exploded in 1987.

The supernova is 169,000 light years away, and lies in the dwarf galaxy called the Large Magellanic Cloud, which can be seen from the southern hemisphere.

The image was taken in visible light (hyrdrogen-alpha emission), with the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2, in February 1994.
Supernova 1987A | whyfiles.org (http://whyfiles.org/coolimages/index.html%3Fid=1016659424.html)