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: The Tempest Prognosticator
: electrobleme October 07, 2009, 17:13:30

Natures Tempest Prognosticators

(http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/thumbs/lrg-1359-tempest-prognosticator-dr-george-merryweathers.jpg) (http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/index.php?level=picture&id=1359)

The Tempest Prognosticator was an invention in the Victorian era by the wonderfully named Dr George Merryweather. It could predict the changes in weather using leeches.  It is based on the idea that animals behavour can reflect not just changes in the weather but what is happening with the earth (think of earthquakes). Weather is electrical and any changes in the weather also change the electrical nature around us.

One of the things about natural  Tempest Prognosticators (amimals, insects etc) is that do they give us a sign of the more electrical nature of nature? For example Ants.
: Dr George Merryweather's Tempest Prognosticator
: electrobleme October 07, 2009, 17:42:49
An Atmospheric Electromagnetic Telegraph, conducted by Animal Instinct

(http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/tempest-prognosticator-john-churchill-wood-engraved-frontispiece-1851.jpg) (http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/index.php?level=picture&id=1360)

An essay explanatory of the Tempest Prognosticator in the building of the Great Exhibition for the works of industry of all nations. Read before the Whitby Philosophical Society February 27th 1851. First edition, presentation copy, inscribed to Queen Victoria. Inscription to preliminary blank: "To Her Most Gracious Victoria on the Inauguration of the 'Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations.' From Her Majesty's humble but devoted Provincial Subject The Author."

One of the more bizarre exhibits at the 1851 Great Exhibition, Merryweather's Tempest prognosticator worked on the principle of excitement caused in the behaviour of medical leeches by atmospheric electricity. In his rather beautiful apparatus, the leeches were stored in a series of glass bottles arranged in a circular fashion. When stimulated by an electrical charge in the atmosphere they climbed from their bottle triggering a cord attached to small hammers striking a single bell mounted above the bottles.

Merryweather provides numerous observations to prove the efficacy of the device as well as examples of his electrical researches in the work of Faraday, Peltier and Quetelet. Though his was a simple device, Merryweather recognised its potential for weather prediction at a distance via an "Atmospheric, Electro-magnetic Telegraph" and was at pains to express its uses: "I may here observe, that I could cause a little leech, governed by its instinct, to ring Saint Paul's great bell in London as a signal for an approaching storm".

The text is not without poetry. Observing a storm near Whitby in 1849, Merryweather wrote "I arrived at Danby Beacon... where the sun was shining, and I then beheld, from that elevation, one of the most sublime sights I ever witnessed: the hills from Glazedale to Kildale were crowned with the blackest nimbi I ever saw; forming an amphitheatre of from twelve to sixteen miles in extent, from which issued forked lightning and roaring thunder; and between Rosedale and Westerdale were two water-spouts discharging from the base of the clouds, one of inky blackness, and like an inverted steeple- the other not so dark, but spiral towards its apex. This grand scene reminded me of one of Martin's paintings."
An essay explanatory of the Tempest Prognosticator in the building of the Great Exhibition for the works of industry of all nations. Read before the Whitby Philosophical Society February 27th 1851 - justincroft .com (http://www.justincroft.com/book/501)

(http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/thumbs/lrg-1361-dr-george-merryweathers-tempest-prognosticator-how-it-worked-diagram.jpg) (http://www.electricyouniverse.com/eye/index.php?level=picture&id=1361)

After having arranged this mouse trap contrivance, into each bottle was poured rain water, to the height of an inch and a half; and a leech placed in every bottle, which was to be its future residence; and when influenced by the electromagnetic state of the atmosphere a number of leeches ascended into the tubes; in doing which they dislodged the whalebone and caused the bell to ring.
Dr. George Merryweather’s 1851 Tempest Prognosticator - victorianweb .org (http://www.victorianweb.org/technology/packer/merryweather.html)

The tempest prognosticator was invented by Dr George Merryweather, a curator of Whitby Museum, in 1850 who described it as an 'atmospheric electromagnetic telegraph, conducted by animal instinct'. The apparatus consists of 12 glass bottles set round the perimeter of a circular stand above which is a bell surrounded by 12 hammers. Each hammer is attached, by a gilt cord and a piece of wire, to a piece of whalebone set loosely in the lower end of a tube in the neck of one of the bottles. Each bottle contained a leech which when a storm was due climbed into the neck of the bottle and disturbed the whalebone causing the bell to ring. Dr Merryweather tested his invention over 12 months predicting storms to Henry Belcher, the President of the Whitby Literary & Philosophical Society. The library possesses a booklet written by Dr Merryweather describing the invention and giving the results of 28 of these predictions.
The tempest prognosticator was invented by Dr George Merryweather - whitbymuseum .org (http://www.whitbymuseum.org.uk/d12/misc/index.htm)

To read more on Dr George Merryweathers tempest prognosticator you can visit victorianweb .org (http://www.victorianweb.org/technology/packer/merryweather.html)

: Other Tempest Prognosticators - Ants
: electrobleme October 07, 2009, 17:51:17
Ants as Tempest Prognosticators

In the autumn in Malta we start to get weather fronts moving past. Sometimes these are defined "roll clouds" or very compact fronts. Ants can go crazy as these approach and when they are over head. When they have passed the ants return to normal.

What happens is that the ants come out of their nests and run around in no order, like when you step on an ants next and they come out to attack or get away from danger. Normally ants are very organised but when the roll clouds come over they go mental.  Is this due to the electrical nature of clouds and especially roll clouds and fronts? Is this anther natural Tempest Prognosticator?

Another time that they come out of their nexts and run around like headless chickens is when the sun is about to set and the full moon is on the horizon. This is likely to happen as the circuit between the moon, earth and the sun is in a line and maybe the power is at its strongest.

One of the puzzles of nature is why do corals not spawn every full moon but only at certain full moons? Could corals spawn the evenings when it is a full moon is rising on the horizon and when the setting sun is also on the horizon?
: humans as Tempest Prognosticators
: electrobleme June 05, 2010, 23:32:33

are humans Tempest Prognosticators?

(http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/xearth/urban-nature-photography-image.jpg) (http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/xearth/urban-nature-photography.jpg) (http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/xearth/city-nature-photos-malta-image.jpg) (http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/xearth/city-nature-photos-malta.jpg)
power line cloud over the island of malta

do humans know when EU events or weathEU is going to happen? you hear about people knowing its going to rain because their arthritis is playing them up or an old would hurts

the 2 previous days in malta have seen large power line clouds over the island. my ankle (arthritis) has hurt both afternoons but then been ok in the evenings. the line clouds have been very large and going out to sea.

this morning and lunchtime the sky seemed clear, blue sky where i could see, not a cloud in sight. but my ankle started to hurt around lunchtime. i said to someone was there a power line cloud or roll cloud in the sky but they were not sure. i went outside to have a look and found a large power line cloud (http://www.everythingselectric.com/forum/index.php?topic=267.msg1203#msg1203)!

(http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/xearth/madliena-victorialineswalk-image.jpg) (http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/xearth/madliena-victorialineswalk.jpg) (http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/xearth/maltese-victorialines-walk-image.jpg) (http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/xearth/maltese-victorialines-walk.jpg)
power line cloud at the great fault line malta

why and how can humans detect weather changes? there is the obvious factors of air pressure etc but i would suggest that it is more to do with the XEarth and ourselves. our bodies are part of the Electric Universe circuit, we exchange stuff from ourselves with it. perhaps during weathEU times the XEarth takes out or gives us more energy, perhaps the frequency of the energy affects those area ... if any one has any ideas about what it could be then please let me know