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: thunder, lightning, the way EU love Malta is enlightning - 2009 autumn
: electrobleme September 24, 2009, 13:05:52
Rabbit season? No its Lightning season

Its the start of the lightning and thunder season in Malta. For weeks and months thunder and lightning will be seen but not always heard around and on the island of Malta. One lightning storm rumbled on for over 3 weeks last year. How can something last that long unless it has a constant power supply?

A couple of days ago there was a terrific lightning storm with each big flash having multiple lightning streaks all over the cloud it came from and also into the ground.

Last night / this morning was a very strange lightning storm. No thunder was heard but the sky above was lighting up multiple times per second. It must have been high up cloud to cloud discharge as the flashes were faint but could only be seen when looking up at the sky. It wa the quickest and most flashes i have ever seen. This carried on until around 5 in the morning when we suddenly got a ground strike and finally some thunder, or, what i suspect is lightning from ground to earth as its the really loud lighting strike, . This then did what virtually always happens after the loud lightning strike, it suddenly rained really heavy. The ground to cloud strike triggers the rain. Soon after this the storm stopped.

Where does the power for Malta's lighting storms come from? If its an Electric Universe then you would need the energy supply to come from either the earth or the EU. Are there any signs around Malta?

Malta has its own low jet stream or constant cloud current, like a roll cloud. Off the coast between Malta and Sicily there is a large line of cloud that appears often. If we have lightning storms then there is a good chance that they will start or appear from there. During the year if any clouds appear you will normally see this same line of clouds.

There is also a spot to the East or South East, also out to see, where the ships park while waiting for the freeport, this spot also has a lot of lightning storms.

I can not see the West coast of Malta so do not know about the storms there.
: Different lightning storms this year? Is that possible?
: electrobleme October 03, 2009, 00:13:53

What a great storm last night! Flashes of cloud to cloud in real bursts, the sky would flicker like daylight for a couple of seconds without about 10 or 20 flashes that the eye could see. Then stop for a second and go again. When it final hit my area we had monster thunderclaps and earth strikes and then it rained like crazy. Cloud to cloud bolts that you could see, some you couldnt mixed with some awesome strikes that hit or went up from the ground. Lasted for an hour or so then moved off.

Some strikes seemed to connect with the earth for what seemed a second but maybe that was just my retina's being burned out! Real heavy rain.

What is strange about this years lightning storms are the way they are flickering so much, keeping the sky alight for so long. Like a strobe effect. I don't remember them being like this last year, only once. The very evening I had said I was a bit bored with lightning it was an incredible storm that made the night seem like day!

In a gravity universe it will be hard for lightning storms to be different I guess but in an Electric Universe it would depend on what is happening in the circuit. With the Solar minimum and the sun spots activity or lack of, could this change how the earth discharges or exchanges with the Electric Universe?

: the Mistical island of Malta - Malta and mist!
: electrobleme December 15, 2009, 03:04:43
Mistical Malta

This afternoon there was a sea mist off the East coast of Malta. There has not been much mist of fog in the last few years. The level of the sea also seemed to be higher than normal. The sea level should not rise or fall that much in this part of the Med.

Was the higher than normal sea level connected with the mist? Water vapour in the air will increase the electrical activity, especially if it comes from the salty sea, but it will decrease the resistance of the air and what happens to not just the capacitance of the air but the sea and the land?

This evening it started to rain and now we have lightning with no thunder, is it more of an electric storm than a thunder storm?

(http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/malta-weather-conditions-2009m12d14-forum.jpg) (http://www.everythingselectric.com/images/malta-weather-conditions-2009m12d14-lower.jpg)
Malta's weather conditions on 12-12-2009, a day when we had mist

Are some weather conditions such as surge tides, Meteorological tsunamis (http://www.everythingselectric.com/forum/index.php?topic=63.0) (Meteotsunamis / death waves / seiche's / milghuba) and even tidal waves caused as an electrical by product or secondaty affect. The physical result we see or think caused it is not the actual main force that did.

: End of year Lightning, storm and weather report 2009
: electrobleme January 10, 2010, 03:47:47

Wow, typical. Last year we had amazing lightning and thunderstorms and very bad weather. This year there has been no winter so far, just the most glorious Autumn you can imagine. Shorts and t shirts nearly every day, hot enough to sunbathe on Christmas Day etc. Especially now while the rest of Europe is freezing we are having the best winter ever.

The real winter months are to come but its going to be the shortest and bestest winter for years. Apart from if you had intended to do reports on the awesome lightning storms that hit Malta!

We did have rain last night, the cloud cover built up over the island, it seemed to be created by the islands interaction with the atmosphere. Then it rainded the dirtiest rain i have ever seen.

: spring 2010 - misty days and nights
: electrobleme April 19, 2010, 16:59:29
an amazing "winter" of basically no winter. endless days of clear skies and sunshine while the rest of europe seems to have had a cold winter. Gibraltar also had 3 months of constant rain!

for the last week or 2 we have had quite a few misty days and especially misty cloudy nights. i suspect this is this part of the earth getting ready for the change over to winter. does the earth discharge or charge itself in the spring and autumn as it prepares for summer/winter? mist enables the XEarth to transfer energy. mist is unusual for malta which i find fascinating. why does a small island surrounded by sea not have much mist?

of course the fact that it is very humid and hazy a lot of the time is just another variation of mist, so the XEarth may not need to do the misty thing

we had virtually no lightning and thunderstorms but incredible warm sunny weather, is this how the earth did its winter business instead? charging or uncharging in a different manner. or is this part of the mediterranean area at a different EU level than normal?