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: Is the Chaotic Butterfly dead? The Alkyonides Meres Butterfly
: electrobleme September 13, 2009, 18:12:31
Is the Chaotic Butterfly dead?

The Chaotic Butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the planet and ...

Why do certain areas have specific yearly weather phenomenons? Like the Greek Alkyonides Meres and the Meds hot period at Christmas?

Every year in the Mediterranean Sea area at the end of summer there is a "cold" spell that last for a couple of weeks. The summers are wonderfully hot with a warm wind and few clouds to be seen. Only the occasional electrical thunder and lightning storm may break the constant blue skies and sunshine. Near the end of the summer this spell of weather appears, the most noticeable effects are that the wind suddenly chills, the sun does not seem so warm and the Mediterranean can get rain and rain clouds.

After this spell of "cold" weather the weather goes warm again, warm wind and warm Sunshine but never quite as warm as before.  It signals the end of the proper summer and the start of Autumn.

This cold spell hits Gibraltar and Malta, both in very different locations of the Med and especially in totally different environements for their local weather. Yet they both get the same cold spell. Is it at the exact same time or does this cold spell move across the Mediterranean Basin?

The Chaotic Butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the planet and ...nothing happens.

What is happening with this cold spell? I suspect it is the Earth triggering itself for the change from summer to winter. Either where it has reached its full charge and needs to release itself or due to its position around the sun and the change of the solar wind and other things on different parts of the earth. Something like that.

After this cold spell it will stay warm for a few weeks but then the Autumn wind, rains really hit the Med. In Malta there are immense lightning and thunder storms, these can last for days. There was even one that rumbled on and off last year for 3 weeks! Thunder and lightning storms are not produced by dust, the dust is a by product of the electrical activity and discharge. How could dust create a thunder and lightning storm that was active around the same small area for three weeks? How much energy must have been created and released?

The rain maybe helping to create the conductivity needed in the atmosphere or on the surface of the ground? Maybe the rain itself charges or changes the dry ground.

After the amazing lightning storms and incredible rain has finished (around 4-6 weeks I think) it gets warmer again, then a cool spell before Christmas but for Christmas the Mediterranean warms up before going into Winter properly.

It would be good to collect local weather temps for these periods and compare it to some sort of Electrical Universe weather data. To see what the connection is between warm and cold spells and what else is happening.

The Alkyonides Meres Chaotic Butterfly killer?

Every year in Greece the weather at the start of January warms up. Not only does it get warm but the Greeks also notice that the days are cloudless. This lasts a couple of weeks every year. If the Earths weather is fairly random how do you get this constant patterns? If the Earths weather is part of an electrical circuit then this would help to start to explain these weather phenomenon.

The Chaotic Butterfly flaps is wings on one side of the planet and nothing happens on the other side. The Chaotic Butterfly has no effect. The Chaotic Butterfly is dead. The earths weather systems are an electrical circuit, influenced by positive/negative feedback loops on Earth and the electric circuit in an Electric Universe.  The weather/universe is not controlled by a maths formula, scientists are controlled by maths. If the Chaotic Butterfly effect existed outside the Maths Universe then the greek Alkyonides Meres weather phenomenon could not exist.

What else in the Maths Universe exists only in the equations of the sceintists. What other theories are extensions built on the maths house on the sand?

If you doubt that weather is not controlled by the Electric Universe but powered by the heat of the Sun then why does it get windier on planets the further away from the sun they are? The strongest winds in the Solar System exist on the planets that receive virtually no heat.

: Old Maltese wives tale? Malta's Groundhog Moon
: electrobleme October 09, 2009, 21:08:12
Malta's Groundhog Moon?

The weather stayed a lot cooler, cloudier, windier and some immense thunder and lightning storms but then the Mediterranean or at least Malta equalised itself out with the rest of the Earth or Electric Universe and we are back into glourious weather again. Although this afternoon the Scicily/Maltese cloud line (lower jet stream?) appeared briefly. Energising itself up soon for more bad weather or just a reminder that it is that time of year again?

A Maltese lady said that if we have a full moon at the start of the months of October or November and in the first week the weather is good then it should remain like that for the rest of that month.

A couple of people, not in Malta, have said that there is either normally a lot more rain or very little rain as we approach the full moon. Cant remember which one it is but Malta does not seem the ideal place to test it, then again maybe it is.
: Re: Malta's Groundhog Moon
: electrobleme October 12, 2009, 16:06:57

Yesterday Malta's weather cloud line (low jet stream) that seems to be  a weather/energy current line made an appearance again and we also had the other line that comes across the island from Valletta towards Sicily.

It did rain yesterday afternoon and in the early hours of this morning we had thunder and lightning and today it is raining.

I will keep an eye on Malta's Groundhog Moon but I think Malta's weather lines seem to predict a build up of energy and weather activity better.
: Wet patch and hot patch
: electrobleme November 17, 2009, 15:46:00
weather has been cold and wet for a couple of weeks but the last week has been glorious hot weather with the last few days having hot wind. Shorts and t-shirt weather again and sunbathing temps.

Last year I was down the beach in the middle or end of November at Golden Bay.

Is this another local annual pattern that shows the chaotic buttfly theory is wrong?

Up until yesterday we have had fantastic weather, hot sunny and warm wind. Yesterday it got chilly, the clouds appeared, a small lightning storm (no thunder?) hung around and it rained. Also it was a Full Moon. Today weather is colder and we had the shy white horses (sea waves) (http://www.xearththeory.com/white-horses-caps-waves-exchange.html) make or not make an appearance!

: the end of the maltese summer
: electrobleme September 15, 2010, 17:33:25

malta's summer this year was not a real scorcher - it was hot but not amazingly hot all summer. about 5 or 6 weeks ago we hit a hot spell, then after that the cold spell of 2 weeks.

at the end of the cold spell we had a couple of fantastic thunder and lightning storms. the first one appeared to be cloud to cloud with the sky being little up for 10-15 seconds at a time, like there was 100s or 1000s of lightning discharges going on in a row.

the 2nd storm was more of a earth to cloud or cloud to earth storm - after this and malta had discharged or balanced itself out we then had a week of warm weather again but not as hot as the summer weather a few weeks before. autumn appears to be here now.
: weather logic gate
: electrobleme January 02, 2011, 03:52:23
after the autumnal cold spell malta warms up in time for christmas with some absolutely great hot days when it feels like summer is back although not the top heat like in summer. it warmed up lovely the couple of weeks before christmas. christmas day itself was cold for malta. then it wamed up again afterwards for a couple of days

especially when we had a really warm wind from the east or south. it would be interesting to note how each cold or hot spell of weather finishes and are there any patterns

does it follow a pattern like cold spell with wind from north and no lightning then changed to warm wind from south and when that finished we had lightning

if there is a pattern and could predict what will happen at the start or end of a sequence that would show that it is a predictive natural energy circuit

a weather program or weather logic gate where you have a variety of different inputs

the problem is that maltas weather is part of the global electric weather circuit and how that all works together is not known

: Re: Is the Chaotic Butterfly dead? The Alkyonides Meres Butterfly
: electrobleme January 02, 2013, 18:02:23
Another classic period of autumn to Christmas weather in Malta this year. The weather went slightly cold and wet in November then warmed up lovely up to and just beyond Christmas. No butterfly's flapping their wings on the other side of the planet?