Flint is a mystery.

So much flint yet geology does not know how it is formed. It is quiet amazing that something so in abundance as flint is still a puzzle as to its origin.

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Not only is there a mystery about how flint is formed but what is it?

Flint is a variation of chert but found in chalk/limestone.

flint colour coloured orange stones ukHow can this be?

Why can flint be so different in its shape, colours, layers, physical appearance?

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How does flint form the amazing looking and mysterious formations known as Pot Stones in Norfolk or more commonly as Paramoudras (Paramoudra flints)?

Can a mysterious unknown fossil burrowing (trace fossil) really be the way Potstones are formed in areas such as Beeston Bump (Beeston Regis) in Norfolk?

Why does flint form in nodules at regular horizontal intervals in chalk? Are these electromagnetic z pinches or nodes of an electrical current?

flint circles beeston regis bump norfolk englandHow can it also be found vertically through sedimentary layers?

And how are the even more puzzlying flint circles of Beeston Regis beach formed?