Faint young sun paradox

Faint young sun paradox velikovsky electric universe theory saturn polar configurationFaint young sun paradox - it seems according to planet formation theory that when the Earth was formed our Sun was a lot cooler than it is today. This seems to cause a lot of issues with geology and other records of a young planet, as they are not following this theory.

Here’s a climate puzzle — one that goes back to Earth’s infancy some 4.5 billion to 2.5 billion years ago. The sun was much dimmer back then. Far less solar radiation reached the planet. Earth should have been a frozen wasteland. But all geologic signs point to a young planet awash in liquid water, with the first life-forms emerging. Scientists call this conundrum the “faint young sun paradox.”
Faint Young Sun

One suggestion around the problem is that planet Earth may have been a wandering planet (migratory planet) - changing its orbit in our solar system and the effect of the Suns energy and heat.

Various Electric Universe theories and Immanuel Velikovsky suggest that the planet Earth has indeed changed its orbit.

Does this show evidence for these EU theories or that they are at least on the correct path?