extraterrestrial sands book review gary gilligan

Modern geology theory destroyed?

extraterrestrial sands book review gary gilligan
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Does the Extraterrestrial Sands book by Gary Gilligan stop The Rock Cycle and therefore destroy modern geology theory?

Sand? A book about sand. Not even a book with lots of photos of half naked ladies on a sand beach. A whole book, even if it is fairly short and easy to read, about sand.

When the author Gary Gilligan told me he was writing his Extraterrestrial Sands book I was surprised, worried and really looking forward to it.

I was surprised and worried as how would a book about sand be able to interest and spread the ideas of his intriguing God King Scenario to those who might be interested. Let alone interest the mass market of the mainstream, and importantly for an independent author, sell books in decent numbers.

The first two thirds of the Extraterrestrial Sands seems to simply and now ‘obviously after it has been pointed out’ take the body of modern geology and give it a good hanging, drawing and quartering. By just using geologies own evidence and thinking but apply the keen Eye and Gilligan’s razor.

extraterrestrial sands book review gary gilligan

The implications of his conclusions may eventually be the start of the process where the whole house of geology built upon the sands comes crashing down. If modern geology uniformitarianism theory falls then are the other sciences that help to create it also doomed?

Gilligan also proposes a mechanism for how extraterrestrial sand could form in Earth’s upper atmosphere and how this process could work with Electric Universe theory geology and/or Immanuel Velikovsky style scenarios.

As with all of Gary Gilligan’s ancient Egyptian mythology works (GKS books and site) you may not agree with most, half or only a few bits of his interpretations. The main part of this book is not about his GKS ideas but the last third explains how the ideas and evidence of the origin of Earth’s sand from another planet (Mars), fit into his GKS mythology.

Evidence mainstream geology is wrong?

Does the Extraterrestrial Sands book stop the Sand and Rock Cycle? Does it then also destroy standard geology theory or at least put a very large nail in its sandstone coffin?

Extraterrestrial Sands book  Gary Gilligan book review

Earth’s quartz sand is investigated and the numbers seem to show that there is not enough source material, enough time, enough processes, enough energy to have formed, moved, cycled and recycled quartz sand to explain how come we have so much quartz sand and concentrated in areas no where near their source.

If Gilligan’s use of data, evidence and logical conclusions from them stands up to further independent investigation then maybe he has.

And maybe a book about sand may just be the most important book out this year for those interested in the EU theory. And the obvious book to have written.

Essential Electric Universe theory and catastrophism book

The Extraterrestrial Sands book is essential for those who have any doubts about geology theory or are looking for possible alternative theories to modern mainstream science.

It is also essential reading for anyone interested in Immanuel Velikovsky’s books, the Electric Universe theory and catastrophism.