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Geomagnetic Evolution – Ancient and Modern

Could changes in planet Earth’s magnetosphere – strength, reversal of direction etc – also change and evolve humans?

Have EMF changes in the past evolved ancient and more modern human races?


Will future geomagnetic reversals create new electromagnetic evolutions?

Have all lifeforms on planet Earth undergone geomagnetic evolution?

Electromagnetic Evolution EM energy fields strengthIn 1982 experienced anthropologist and pharmacologist Francis Ivanhoe published the first of multiple studies in which he would catalog an important discovery for evolutionary science. Surveying all known Paleolithic human skulls, he witnessed a correlation between ancient increases in magnetic field strength and sudden brain size increases in humans, as well as cultural/evolutionary revolutions such as the widespread utilization of fire as a tool.
These periods of increased geomagnetic field strength (recorded geologically) occurred during the ice ages we call the Mindel and the Würm. He discussed this finding in articles over the course of 30 years, publishing in both the Journal of Bioelectricity and the Journal of Human Evolution.

Ivanhoe proposed that the upper section of the hippocampus called Ammon’s horn – an arch with one-way nerve traffic driven by a strong current – might be acting as a transducer which feels the strength of Earth’s magnetic field and sends impulses to other brain structures to affect growth hormone production (prolactin specifically). Ivanhoe also pointed out that, among primates, humans are distinctive in the size of our hippocampus and the development of its connections with the hypothalamus. The hippocampus also contains magnetite.
Evolution and Earth’s Electric Field – Alexander Fournier | Thunderbolts

The above is expanded on by Alexander Fournier in the Thunderbolts youtube video The Electromagnetic Sense – Electricity of Life that you can watch below.

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The Lake Mungo Geomagnetic Excursion created Mungo Man and Mungo Lady?

Is the Australian aboriginal Mungo Man and Lake Mungo magnetic reversal event evidence of the electromagnetic effects on the evolution of man, animals and plants?

Electromagnetic Evolution Earths magnetosphereAt Lake Mungo, A.N.U. scientist, Barbetti discovered evidence of an immense Geo magnetic reversal of the earth. Rock when melted and then cooled retains the magnetic signature of that era. At Lake Mungo it was found there had been a 120 degree shift in the magnetic diapole and field strength around ten times the present era. Wal Thornhill says this would imply a very large increase in electric current at the site. The effects would of been catastrophic, This had occurred thousands of years ago and corresponded to the extinction of the mega fauna in Australia).

In his book “Magnetic reversals and Evolutionary leaps” Robert Felix describes the catastrophic destruction these deadly electro-magnetic phenomena would have caused. The Mega fauna would have not only been wiped out but the DNA of the survivors impregnated and forced to change in one evolutionary bound. No more mega fauna but a new smaller species of Kangaroo and wombat. Sounds farfetched?
Death and extinction of the Megafauna in Australia | Ancient Destructions

Was it only a local event effecting Australia’s life forms or was it catastrophe evolution around the world?

electromagnetic evolution coronal mass ejections cme emfArchaeomagnetic studies have been made of prehistoric aboriginal fireplaces occurring along the ancient shore of Lake Mungo, a dried out lake in southeastern Australia. Directions of magnetization preserved in ovenstones and baked hearths show that wide departures of up to 120 degrees from the axial dipole field direction occurred about 30 000 years ago… The geomagnetic excursion recorded between at least 30 780 ± 520 and 28 140 ± 370 years b.p. on the conventional radiocarbon time scale is associated with very high field strengths between 1 and 2 Oe (1 Oe ≈ 79.6 A m-1). The field strength subsequently decreased to between 0.2 and 0.3 Oe after the excursion. This main excursion is referred to as the Lake Mungo geomagnetic excursion.

Electromagnetic EvolutionThere is evidence that a second excursion associated with low field strengths of 0.1-0.2 Oe occurred around 26 000 years b.p. A review of geomagnetic excursions less than 40 000 years in age shows that it may be premature to assume that these are world-wide synchronous features. The range of ages and their groupings in different parts of the world may indicate they are temporary non-dipole features of continental extent. However, the duration of most excursions (order of 103 years) is very similar to that of polarity transitions and this could indicate they are aborted reversals.
The Lake Mungo Geomagnetic Excursion

The Wallace electromagnetic evolution Line?

Could geomagnetic/electromagnetic evolution be responsible for the amazingly mysterious Wallace Line? Electromagnetic effects through geomagnetic excursions evolving all species of life on either side of a gap between islands that can be as small as 35 kilometres (22 miles). Massive evolutionary differences that include bird species.

geomagnetic evolutionBetween Indonesia’s Bali and neighbouring island Lombok is a slim ten mile sea channel! This is the start of the thousands mile long Wallace line. It is not only a dividing geological etching beneath the sea. It is also a biological division! On one side roam bouncing Kangaroos and Platypus! On the other man eating Tigers!
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South is Australia. North the Philippines and India. Remarkably, this extends to both plant, fish and animal species. From sulphur crested Cockatoo on one side of the Wallace line, to Indonesian finches just across the sea channel. From fire prone Gum trees to exotic tropical rain forest Teak and Ebony. Even beneath the sea, in an area separated by a mere ten miles, this incredible separation of fish life stares you in the face! From Australasia to the Antarctic lies a unique zone of flora and fauna!
The Wallace Line? Can Kangaroos swim? | Ancient Destructions

Modern Human Electromagnetic Evolution?

modern ancient Electromagnetic Evolution humansAre modern human races a result of electromagnetic evolution on planet Earth in an Electric Universe?

Are humans out of Africa? Not out of Africa? Into Africa? Some never going into Africa? Separate and changed humans depending on the local electromagnetic environment – changing as the local EM field changes strength?

L3 electromagnetic evolution migration out of Africa?

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