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Evidence that animals predict earthquakes?

animals earthquakes toads sense predict electricIs there evidence that animals can predict earthquakes coming or that a natural disaster is about to happen?

A study seems to show that animals can predict earthquakes or sense the natural energy signals that show an earthquake is imminent in that area.

Animals appear to predict earthquakes by sensing electricity in the air, the first study to find reliable evidence of the phenomenon has shown.

Camera traps revealed an “amazing” drop in the number of animals spotted up to 23 days before a major quake hit their rainforest home at Yanachaga National Park in Peru.

For five of the seven days leading up to the magnitude seven Contamana earthquake in 2011 no animal movements were recorded at all. This was totally unexpected in a region normally teeming with wildlife.

Other evidence suggested that prior to the earthquake the air around the high mountain site was filled with positive ions – electrically charged molecules that can be generated when rocks are placed under stress.
Study proves animals can predict earthquakes

The earliest documented case of unusual animal behaviour prior to an earthquake is recorded by the Roman historian Aelian in 373 B.C.; five days before an earthquake destroyed the city of Helike (once located at the coast of the Corinthian Gulf) various animals, like rats, weasels, snakes, centipedes and bugs supposedly emerged from the underground and fled from the city. In the following centuries many other cultures associated earthquakes with animals.

Before the earthquakes of Edo (modern Tokyo) in 1855 and later in 1923 apparently catfishes acted weird, displaying increased activity and swimming to the surface of ponds and rivers.

In February 1975 hibernating snakes abandoned their hideouts in the north-eastern city of Haicheng. The city was evacuated and February 4, the region was hit by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake. More than 1.000 people were killed, but considering the densely populated area the prediction an evacuation was considered a great success.
Can Animals Sense Earthquakes?