golden winged warblers sense natural disasters tornado

Evidence animals sense natural disasters

It has always been understood by sensible people that animals can sense a natural disaster building up and leave the area before it happens.

This has been known to happen with fish before volcanoes explode near the coast or under the sea. Animals are also known to avoid areas where tidal waves (tsunamis) will hit.

animals sensing natural disasters evidence tornado

Now evidence has been found that birds can know a tornado is coming and evacuate the area a day or two before, only to return shortly after the natural disaster has hit. In that time they had flown nearly 1000 miles.

In America some golden winged warblers were being monitored and tracked to study their migration pattern. The golden winged warblers had only been back a few weeks when they evacuated their nesting area when the local weather appeared fine. The tornado struck within a day or two.

The earliest reference we have to unusual animal behavior prior to a significant earthquake is from Greece in 373 BC. Rats, weasels, snakes, and centipedes reportedly left their homes and headed for safety several days before a destructive earthquake. Anecdotal evidence abounds of animals, fish, birds, reptiles, and insects exhibiting strange behavior anywhere from weeks to seconds before an earthquake. However, consistent and reliable behavior prior to seismic events, and a mechanism explaining how it could work, still eludes us. Most, but not all, scientists pursuing this mystery are in China or Japan.
Animals & Earthquake Prediction | United States Geological Survey

Birds sense natural disaster sound or energy?

The scientists are suggesting that the golden winged warblers hear the natural disaster coming through infrasound of the tornado.

The most likely tip-off was the deep rumble that tornadoes produce, well below what humans can hear.
Noise in this “infrasound” range travels thousands of kilometres, and may serve as something of an early warning system for animals that can pick it up.
Birds ‘heard tornadoes coming’ and fled one day ahead | BBC

Perhaps they do or do they sense something electromagnetic? Similar to fish or animals who know a volcano or earthquake and tidal wave is about to hit?

golden winged warblers sense natural disasters tornado

Or could it even be what some may term as natural knowledge or understanding from their DNA or Akashic Records?

Dolphins and Whales beaching before earthquakes?

The quote below is about melon-headed whales (electra dolphins) who have beached themselves and died in Japan. The report goes on to list other whale and dolphin beaching events before large earthquakes.

While not all beaching episodes lead to an earthquake in that area it is interesting to note that it can and does happen.

Virtually all the 156 dolphins that beached themselves over the weekend on the coast of north-east Japan have died, while the incident has also triggered speculation that another major earthquake is imminent.

… The stranding of so many dolphins has prompted comparisons with a similar incident in 2011, when 50 melon headed whales beached themselves on a nearby coast just six days before a magnitude-9 earthquake struck offshore, triggering a massive tsunami that devastated hundreds of miles of coastline and leaving around 18,000 people dead.

Commentators have also pointed out that 107 pilot whales beached themselves in New Zealand in February 2011, just two before a major quake hit the city of Christchuch, while the December 2004 quake in the Indian Ocean was preceded by more than 170 whales being stranded on beaches in Australia and New Zealand.
Deaths of 100 dolphins in Japan triggers speculation of earthquake | The Telegraph

Dogs warning before earthquakes?

If you want to research canine behavour before, during and especially the effects on your dogs after big tremors then the article Can Dogs Detect Earthquakes? How to Prepare and Help Your Dog Cope After an Earthquake has good information and suggestions.

As a prolific scientist and soon-to-be doctor, this mystery was right up my alley way. I dove into research studies on animal behavior to find that Unusual Animal Behaviors, or UABs, were found before the destructive Japanese earthquake of 2011 as well. As it turns out, about 20% of dog owners noted their dogs acting agitated or restless minutes or seconds before the earthquake hit. While scientists and researchers haven’t been able to conclusively state exactly why some animals, dogs included, are indeed able to sense earthquakes, many postulate it has to do with their hearing and olfactory capabilities.

In fact, before an earthquake hits, many animals have been seen to move away days before from the epicenter of the earthquake. Cows have even stopped producing milk in anticipation of earthquakes. For dogs, most agitated behavior appears between approximately 24 hours to the seconds before the earthquake itself hits. Some dogs will work themselves up to the point where they may run or try to even escape.

… These senses, when disturbed, may lead dogs to exhibit this worrisome UAB behavior, serving as a potential warning for owners of a serious incoming earthquake. Changes in the environment such as a change in atm (atmospheric pressure), changes in balance, due to alterations in the gravitational force of the earth, tilts from the tectonic plates, and vibrations from the building pressures and gases are minuscule and undetectable to humans, but may be detected by our dogs: a way of mother nature warning us before the Big One hits.
Can Dogs Detect Earthquakes? | Your Dog Advisor