What is the EU theory?

What is the EU theory (Electric Universe theory)? Links, websites, articles, forums, videos, books explaining and investigating the Electric Universe.

What is an Electric Universe?

The Electric Universe theory is a simple idea with massive implications. Luckily you can take it easy and investigate everything in an Electric Universe at your own pace and level.

Basically plasma, which makes up about 99% of the observable universe, is slightly electrically charged gas and it helps to form an Electromagnetic Universe.

One of the best main things about the EU theory is that is science gone back to basics (gone back to empirical science?). Everything can be seen and observed. No 95% of everything in the universe being dark and invisible or unobservable. The Higgs Boson particle/field is looking for something that gives everything mass …

Another interesting constant in the EU is that those who look into it keep coming up with the same revelations about natural sciences and things such as geology and how diamonds and precious gemstones were formed. Not many who quickly read a few summary notes of Einstein’s theories (who removed the Ether or space plasma so things would work) come up with the same ideas.

You have the space plasma side of the EU and then where it gets controversial and can, at first, seem totally insane. Plasma mythology is the comparative mythology interpretation of our past, according to virtually all the ancient civilisations around the whole world have similar folklore about crazy Doomsday events and incredible rock carvings.

Where they all making it up, were they all in communication with each other or were they all seeing and experience the same thing?

How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?

Guides to what is the EU theory

These couple of sites have articles on specific subjects and EU things. Good for those wanting an introduction to the Electric Universe but also for those who want more advanced information and topics.

Important latest EU experiment

LATEST NEWS: The SAFIRE project, the pure science investigation into the Electric Sun idea, is happening at the moment and should either prove or disprove the idea of an electromagnetic sun and the main ideas behind the Thunderbolts version of the Electric Universe theory.

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Plasma pioneers and EU theory investigators
Latest list of plasma people.

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