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EU theory sites

EU theory sites (Electric Universe websites), EU forums, Electric Universe theory Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Electric Universe youtube channels lists. Thunderbolts.info is the main and ‘official’ EU site. but there are lots of others in a growing list.

These sites are those that mainly investigate and explain the main EU theory and the plasma science or space side of it.

There are also lists of mythology, catastrophism, chronology and EU theory related websites.

Electric Universe theory and Plasma Cosmology websites and YouTube channels

These EU news channels are live and active as of 2020. Things may change over time. Most of these produce at least weekly videos and articles investigating EU theory or Plasma Universe.
Suspicious Observers and investigors of Plasma Universe, space weather, catastrophe videos.
Thunderbolts.info Picture of the Day articles, the official Electric Universe theories explained and investigated.
Thunderbolts official EUT videos of Space News investigations and interviews with EU theory experts and scientists.
Greg Jay videos investigates plasma cosmologies, history, chronology, Immanuel Velikovsky, plasmoids.
The Electric View and weekly live chat about the whole electromagnetic Universe.
Electric Universe Eyes looking at plasma mythology, comparative mythology videos.
Andrew Hall investigations of electric geology, Earth and space plasma weather blog posts.
Louis Hissink’s Crazy World insights and views on a bit of everything and EUT.
Tim Cullen’s Malaga Bay interpretation and plain speaking about chronology, history, geology, what our ancestors were thinking during and after catastrophes.

EU theory sites and forums list

Below is a list of most of the Electric Universe theory websites. Any new websites or those that have been missed please comment below or contact the site.

Included are a few sites that have a very different interpretation or alternative view point of what the Electric Universe means.

Extra website information or the websites authors/owners are shown in normal text.

Thunderbolts Project
Electric Cosmology group
Planet Amnesia

Thunderbolts Project
Billy Yelverton (Mr2Tuff2) – Electric geology
Ancient Destructions
Michael Steinbacher Electric Universe geology

Thunderbolts.info – the original EU website
The Thunderbolts forum – busiest EU forum
Thunderbolts youtube channel – fantastic amount of free EU videos
Moving the Electric Universe Theory Forward Google Group
Thunderbolts Project Facebook page – daily updates of EU and science related news
Thunderbolts Picture Of the Day (TPOD) – explains EU theory and science news – very popular!

Electric Universe Forums
The Thunderbolts forum
Everything Is Electric forum
Moving Electric Universe Forward Google Group

Immanuel Velikovsky information
The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies – main active site that also host members meetings
The Velikovsky Archive
The Velikovsky Encyclopedia
The Velikovskian Journal
Velikovsky’s Historical Sources – new site that intends to show his sources

Electromagnetic weather on Earth and solar system

Space Weather

I.A.S.C.C. (Institute for Advanced Studies in Climate Change)

A Microwaved Planet
Christopher Fontenot and Thomas Appling

EU information sites

The Electric Universe theory Wik

Plasma Universe
Ian Tressman

The Electric Universe .info
László Körtvélyessy

Active/updated EU related sites

Space Weather

I.A.S.C.C. (Institute for Advanced Studies in Climate Change)

A Microwaved Planet
Christopher Fontenot and Thomas Appling

In The News (The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies)

Ancient Destructions
MungoFlix – video streaming site for Ancient Destructions stuff
Peter Jupp (Peter Mungo Jupp)

Plasma pics

The Daily Plasma
Andrew Hall

Main/original EU thinkers

Wallace Thornhill (Wal Thornhill)

Electric Cosmos
Donald Scott (Don Scott)

The Grazian Archive
Alfred de Grazia – how download all of Grazia for free!

The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies – SIS investigate Velikovsky, comparative mythology, chronology revision and some of its members naturally have an interest in the EU theory

The Velikovsky Archive

Myths are history
Julian West

Other Electric Universe websites list

These are most of the rest of the sites, most of these are individual websites.

Plasma Resources
Columbia Disaster – Space shuttle and megalightning investigation
Dave Smith

The Multiverse
Philip Francis – EU speaker who also runs the Electric Cosmology Facebook group

Electric Universe geology
Michael Steinbacher

Ancient Destructions
Ancient Destructions youtube channel
MungoFlix – video streaming site for Ancient Destructions stuff
Peter Jupp (Peter Mungo Jupp)

The Daily Plasma
Andrew Hall

Michael Clarage’s blog
Michael Clarage

Fractal Universe
Colin Hill

Plasma pics

EU ‘alternatives’
God Electric – plasma Egypt mythology

Firmament and Chaos
John Ackerman

Cosmos in Collision
Troy McLachlan and Theodore Holden

Planet Amnesia


Everythings Electric
Everything Is Electric blog
Everything Is Electric forum

Plasma cosmology site NOT an EU theory site!

Anthony Peratt’s Plasma Universe site is a pure plasma cosmology site and not an Electric Universe theory website but the EU theory is partly based on PC and unfortunately for Tony Peratt his work on plasma and petroglyphs has helped to form the plasma mythology side of the EU theory.