Electric Universe theory conference 2017

Electric Universe 2017 Conference

The Thunderbolts Project organised 2017 Electric Universe theory conference starts 17 August and runs until 20 August. The event is held again at the Sheraton Mesa Hotel in Wrigleyville West, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

If you can not make it but would be very interested in watching the talks then there is a (not live) video option for $29.

The speakers list includes the plasma pioneers and extended members of the Thunderbolts family (Donald Scott, Ev Cochrane, David Talbott, Wal Thornhill, Ben Davidson etc) plus lots of selected special guests (Peter Mungo Jupp, Edwin Kaal, Andrew Hall etc)

There is also a significant section devoted to Immanuel Velikovsky and all this ideas.

Electric Universe theory conference 2017Speakers will not be projecting popular ideas and mathematical contrivances into an imagined future. EU2017 will call for science minus the fiction. No Big Bang, no dark matter, no black hole singularities, no neutron stars, no thermonuclear core of the sun, no planets on clockwork orbits for billions of years; few if any “dirty snowball” comets; and no claim whatsoever that comets and asteroids trace to the primitive origins of the solar system (one of the more popular fictions).

This will be an Electric Universe conference, named as such because the electric force is active everywhere across the cosmos. The vastness of space is animated by a life-like sea of charged particles, called plasma, and the plasma universe is the Electric Universe.
EU 2017 Conference | Thunderbolts.info

SAFIRE Project Phase III Update

Montgomery Childs, Dr. Michael Clarage, and Dr. Paul Anderson will be updating a very interested audience on how the progress and some of the implications of the SAFIRE Project.

Universal implications of EU theory

The EU 2017 conference seems to have a great amount of more alternative implications and applications of plasma mythology, Electric Universe, to humans and life.

  • Dr Gerald Pollack: Weather and EZ Water — An Intimate Role of Separated Charge
  • Eileen McKusick: Human Bioelectricity and the EU Model
  • Dr Jacqueline Greenfield: The Electric Activity in the Plasma of Living Cells
  • Dr Jerry Tennant: Healing as Voltage: The Physics of Emotions
  • Andrew Fitts: Mankind in Amnesia
  • Andrew Hall: Electric Earth
  • Peter Mungo Jupp: Instant Fossilization

New Model Atom Army?

One of the most eargly anticipated talk is by Edwin Kaal who will be presenting his ideas on a new model for the atom: The Proton-Electron Atom — A Proposal for a Structured Atomic Model.

For those who chatted with or heard Edwin discuss his ideas at last years EU meeting then they will be excited to see how his new atomic model has progressed.

Watch the Thunderbolts conference

This year there is again the opportunity to watch the EU 2017 meeting, not a live video this year though.

You can purchase a ticket for $29 plus stuff and the presentations will be available from the start of September and you can view the talks as many times as you like during the next year.

The ticket price also includes EU 2016 videos of the speakers!