EU 2016 Electric Universe theory conference Phoenix USA America Thunderbolts Project EU theory

EU 2016 USA (Thunderbolts Conference)

EU 2016 Electric Universe theory conference Phoenix USA America Thunderbolts Project EU theoryRegistration is now open for the 2016 Thunderbolts Project Electric Universe theory conference – Elegant Simplicity.

The EU 2016 will be held in Phoenix, USA from 17 – 19 June. Make sure you buy your tickets early as there is a large discount for early bird tickets ($199 compared to $299).

The popular mathematical contrivance called a Black Hole is not elegant either, since it neither addresses nor even acknowledges the electrified plasma environment of galaxy formation. And the imagined thermonuclear fusion at the core of the Sun is assuredly not elegant, since it leaves the most compelling features of the Sun unexplained.

A strategic use of language will often distort the distinction between real progress and imaginary progress in science. But for anyone exploring the Electric Universe paradigm, the principle of theoretical “elegance” is well worthy of consideration. It is an acid test. That is why we’ve selected “Elegant Simplicity” as the theme of our upcoming EU2016 conference.

The speakers list is rather impressive!

If you are vaguely interested in the EU theory and can possibly make it, then just book your ticket for your best weekend of the year.

If you can not make it in person then there was streaming of the EU 2015 conference during the event then available afterwards. Hopefully the video streaming will happen again this year.

And for those able to attend the famous EU Geology tour is planning to be held again this year. Remember to ask for details about it.

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EU 2016 Speakers

Wallace Thornhill
David Talbott
Donald Scott
Montgomery Childs
Ben Davidson
Subhon Ibadov
C J Ransom
Franklin Anariba
Eugene Bagashov
Ev Cochran
Pierre-Marie Robitaille
Steve Crothers
Michael Clarage
Lowell Morgan
Paul Anderson
Jano Onderco
David Nova