EU 2016 Electric Universe conference review Wallace Thornhill Dave Talbott

EU 2016 conference review: elegant, simple, everything

EU 2016 Electric Universe conference review Wallace Thornhill Dave TalbottThe EU 2016 conference, organised by the Thunderbolts Project and especially Susan Schirott, had the strap line of ‘elegant simplicity’.

Over an electric weekend the various presentations showed how an Electric Universe and this conference was elegant, simple and covered everything.

The speakers discussed a wide range of subjects from science, mythology, geology to space weather.

Importantly there were lectures on relatively new Electric Universe topics of investigation. Perhaps better to say topics that are now able to be seriously investigated by those with the skills, knowledge and technology, where before they were only able to be discussed by EU followers.

What kept your interest was the way each presenters hobby horse presented a summary of the current theories and how the EU had got there, then they updated a few of the ideas and also introduced new concepts.

But EU conferences are not just about the lectures. Is the real conference those people you speak to during the breaks and when socialising in the evening and on the geology tour afterwards? Those people who share their knowledge, interests and more importantly give you information on your own ideas.

You attend any Thunderbolts EU or SIS meeting knowing that it could be a one line comment from someone you didn’t know that can reveal a new part of your personal universe, or, a totally break out idea that blows your mind and your universe. The geometry/geometric nature of information and the universe was changed for me, not something I was expecting to happen or looking for before the conference.

EU 2016 conference presentations

David Novak was the MC for the weekend and thoroughly entertaining with an ability to link the very varied talks together was superb.

The opening evening had a short introduction by David Talbott, Tom Wilson and Wallace Thornhill lecturing. Dave, Tom and Wal’s talks combined to give a great summary of the whole EU idea and journey so far. Wal also gave some updates on his Electric Gravity theory. It was surprisingly Wals only presentation of the conference, so it was longer than most others, and packed with information.

To show the variety of the implications of an electromagnetic universe there was a presentation by Alex Fournier on his stunning Electricity of Life free video series. This is complicated and hard science explained simply by Alex and by an Electric Universe.

I had intended to review all the EU 2016 talks and write a post about each but I lost my conference notes. If I do write them they may not be as detailed as I had hoped and may be missing the especially important points raised from each one.

EU 2016 conference free videos

Thunderbolts are releasing free youtube videos of the EU 2016 conference talks. Below are some of them so far.