Enceladus wobble

Enceladus wobble orbit electromagnetic gravity

Using pictures from the Cassini probe, the researchers have detected and tracked a slight wobble in the moon.

... Shortly after, Cassini detected a disturbance in magnetic fields produced by the presence of what appeared to be an atmosphere.
Enceladus ocean 'must be global'

Could Saturns's moon Enceladus wobble be due to electromagnetic forces, plasma systems in an Electric Universe?

Or is it due and proves that Enceladus has a sub surface ocean, as not predicted at all by science theory?

"If the surface and core were rigidly connected, the core would provide so much dead weight that the wobble would be far smaller than we observe it to be," said Matthew Tiscareno, a Cassini scientist based at the Seti Institute but previously affiliated to Cornell University, US.

"This proves that there must be a global layer of liquid separating the surface from the core."
Enceladus ocean 'must be global'