mountain formation cymatics harmonics

EMountain formation: Plasma blasts and harmonics

Geology suggests that central peak craters and peak ring craters are formed when an meteorite impacts the surface and this action basically liquefies the material. The shock waves and forces move and shape the surface material.

mountain formation cymatics harmonics

Immanuel Velikovsky suggested a liquefaction of surface material during Worlds in Collision events.

The shape of geological formations such as rolling hills, chaotic badlands and others would seem to have a linking or at least a possible explanation to cymatics – the changing and formation of shapes (usually sand or water in experiments) using sound frequencies.

Andrew Hall’s Surface Conductive Faults theory: “Ground level inflow carries material to form linear hills. Reflected shock waves mold harmonic patterns of triangular buttresses.” All images in this post from Halls website The Daily Plasma

With ancient man all over the world seeming to suggest or having witnessed that hills and mountains could form, disappear instantly with the mountains leaped like rams and the hills like lambs. Creating new looking mountains, that look like they have always been there, rising up from the land yet not seeming to push up or effect the sometimes very surprising surrounding flat landscape.

Andrew Hall’s Surface Conductive Fault Theory

Andy Hall has developed Electric Universe geology processes using natural electrical discharge events to create shaping electromagnetic forces and also vast blasts of plasma creating shock waves, frequencies and harmonic resonance to transform the landscape.

Surface Conductive Faults plasma shock waves geology formations

An attempted explanation at some of the main points are written below but Thunderbolts have released this video below by Andrew Hall explaining his theory and evidence. It is the first of what will be 3 videos. The video is very good in that it explains simply and easily the mechanics of the what to most interested in the Electric Universe is a new EU geology process.

Andrew has also published Arc Blast — Part 1 as a Thunderblog that expands his original article with lots more illustrated images, geology examples and further detail.

If the source is from altitude, perhaps from a fast travelling bolide, the shock waves are reflected off the surface to create geology features such as hills and mountains with triangular buttresses on their sides.

Surface Conductive Faults Andrew Hall

Triangular buttresses are a consequence of reflected shock waves – interference patterns of super-positioning pressure ridges formed by shock waves from the passing bolide. The chevron pattern of the reflected waves can be discerned in the atmosphere trailing the F-18 in the photo below. Shock waves travel in any medium; gas, liquid, or solid, as well as, electromagnetic fields and plasma. Supersonic ionic-winds, heavily clouded with molten rock and dust, form a plasma medium that is molded by the reflected waves. The shock waves fuse these buttresses to the mountain as it’s built by the supersonic in-flowing winds.
Surface Conductive Faults | Thunderbolts

Triangular buttresses supporting Conductive Fault Theory geology

Andy Hall has a lot of geology examples in his article of hill and mountain slopes with repeated and stacked on top of each other triangles.

Below and in this post are the images from his site.

The defining feature of the astrobleme is the repeating pattern of triangular buttresses that display harmonic repetition in shape, size and frequency. They flank linear hillsides all over the world, across slopes from near horizontal to vertical, and across rock types from sandstone sediments to schist and granite, yet they display the same harmonic patterns.

Harmonics are evident where multiple wave-forms are “nested” within larger wave-forms. When nesting waves occur in whole integer multiples of the larger wave-length they are nested within, it is a signature of harmonic resonance. The triangular buttresses appear to be harmonic waves similar to the patterns of reflected waves a linear resonator would make. No Uniformitarian process of random faulting, subsidence, uplift, slumping, and eons of wind and rain can account for harmonics.
Surface Conductive Faults | The Daily Plasma