electric stars evidence electric universe theory electromagnetic suns

Electric stars evidence: Electromagnetic protostar

electric stars evidence electromagnetic fields alignment W75N(B)-VLA2 The Sun was a fire in the sky, then we discovered electricity and it was an electric Sun and stars, then nuclear energy came along and the Sun was nuclear.

But is the Sun and all stars electromagnetic? Are they Z pinches of plasma (ionised or electrically charged gas) – perhaps along galactic filaments of energy? Plasma Suns?

A protostar has been seen developing over 2 decades and the results appear to be a mystery and puzzling, for a nuclear sun. An electrical current produces an electromagnetic field and things tend to align or be influenced by it.

Electromagnetic protostar

That cloud slows down the hot, ionised wind that the star blasts into space, causing it to form an elongated column perpendicular to the dusty ring.

… One of the major findings that has already emerged from studying W75N(B)-VLA2 relates to earlier work led by JIVE scientists, who in 2009 traced the large-scale magnetic field in that region of space and reported that the field surrounding the young star was neatly aligned with it.

Now, it seems the elongated outflow that has burst forth in just 18 years is also aligned with that magnetic field – suggesting that magnetism is playing a crucial role in the star’s formation.
Star’s birth glimpsed ‘in real time’

Electric stars in a circuit

electric stars evidence electric universe theory electromagnetic sunsAn electric star could start and develop very quickly as it has nothing to do with nuclear process.

An electric star could also increase ro decrease its output fairly instantly – perhaps even if the switch in the circuit is pushed or more current is flowing then a white dwarf could ‘re ignite’ into a supernovas.