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Electroculture in an Electric Universe

electroculture cosmo telluric agricultureElectroculture is an interesting branch of an Electric Universe – using natural (Telluric currents, Earths Global Electric Weather Circuit etc) and artificial electromagnetic energy to influence the growth of plants.

The different electromagnetic techniques include electrical currents (direct and alternating), magnetism, monochrome light, static electricity, sound and radio frequencies.

Electroculture, Magnetoculture

magnetoculture magneto agricultureElectroculture has a few different names, divisions or specialisation including Magnetoculture, Magneto agriculture, electric fertilizer, magna culture (pdf), Cosmo-Telluric agriculture etc

Magnetoculture is a recent development from electroculture but some forms of electroculture techniques and knowledge are over 300 years old.

With some saying that a lot of ancient cultures used electromagnetic energies in their special buildings and designs.

Electroculture/magnetoculture is also suggested to be used to mutate or grow different variations of plants and animals and also perhaps be used as a natural ‘pesticide’ or at least as a natural pest deterrent.

Electroculture, it is suggested, can also be used to protect plants from frost.

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