Electrochemical comets 67p

Electrochemical comets

Electrochemical comets 67pThe electrical nature (electromagnetic, electrochemical etc) of comet phenomena is a prediction of the Electric Universe theory. Missions to comets have shown amazing geology and surprising chemical results.

The European Space Agency Rosetta mission to Comet 67p especially so. With ice/water being one of the main mysteries and the other being that of oxygen molecules when comets are meant to be primordial.
Electrochemical comets
It all depends on how you interpret the observations and experimental data. Science has been very surprised by what they have and have not found.

The EU theory has not not been so surprised as its logic has to suggest alternative origins, sources or processes for comet water signature and its plasma/electromagnetic environment.
Electrochemical comets 67p
But what does it all mean? What alternative explanations, mechanisms, processes can the EU theory provide? As it must provide some starting or tentative alternative explanations. Thunderbolts have a few Electric Comet videos and Wallace Thornhill early on gave an initial suggestion about cometary water molecules.

Electrochemical comets and comet 67p

Franklin Anariba
Franklin Anariba has written on article on Thunderbolts called Evidence of Electrical Activity on Comet 67P: Towards an Electrochemical Framework for Cometary Phenomena. You can also hear this in the free Thunderbolts Project Space News video Evidence for Electrical Comet Activity, which you can watch below.

In this article and video Franklin Anariba, of the Singapore University of Technology and Design, introduced and explains some electrochemical processes that may be occurring to comets in an Electric Universe. Including two processes that Anariba has used or termed as electron-stripping and O2 and H2O formation by electrochemical means.

Electrochemical comets

the main paradigm is the one proposed by Whipple some time ago which can be called the Condensation-Sublimation model. I am not here to refute this model, which I recognize to be of importance near perihelion distances if comets were to contain large amounts of volatiles ices on their surface or in their subsurface. Instead, my intention is bring to everyone’s attention that there could be other mechanisms at work for the origin of water and other chemical species in the cometary coma.

Electrochemical comets 67p
One mechanism is proton implantation, which has been recalled to explain water ice presence on craters in the moon, can be evoked to explain the presence of small amounts of water ices on the surface of comets with tenuous ion density in their comas.

Another mechanism, mostly unknown to the astronomical community, is based on electrochemical principles which I have named electron-stripping. This mechanism can be dominant at larger heliocentric distances, away from perihelion, when the voltage differential between the comet and the surrounding plasma sheath of the sun can be largest. This mechanism can also be recalled to explain the presence of water vapour in the coma of comets.
Electrochemical comets
The invocation of these two other mechanisms is necessary because so far no significant amount of water ices have been identified on the surface and in the subsurface of the nucleus of comet 67P. Furthermore, the recent findings of molecular oxygen on the coma of comet 67P, along with its link with origin and presence to water vapour, points to the presence of an electrochemical method of production.
Evidence of Electrical Activity on Comet 67P: Towards an Electrochemical Framework for Cometary Phenomena | Thunderbolts

Electric comet subjects investigated and interpreted from an Electric Universe theory perspective include:
Electrochemical comets

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