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Taking the Electric Wind out of EU sails

Are scientists now scrabbling to adopt Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology ideas into their explanations of natural electromagnetic phenomena they are observing everywhere?

electric wind venus plasma Electric Universe Plasma Cosmology

Julian West pointed out that not only in a recent report where mainstream science used the words ‘Electric Wind’ but generally more and more space news articles are using typical EU theory words and phrases.

Venus has an “electric wind” strong enough to strip water’s building blocks from the planet’s atmosphere and fling them into space, new research suggests.

But the rest of the oxygen appears to have been lifted out of the atmosphere, to be carried away by the stream of charged particles flowing out from the sun, they said.

It’s amazing, shocking, Glyn Collinson, a scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and lead author on the new work, said in a statement. We never dreamt an electric wind could be so powerful that it can suck oxygen right out of an atmosphere into space. This is something that has to be on the checklist when we go looking for habitable planets around other stars.
Powerful ‘Electric Wind’ Sucked Venus’ Oxygen into Space | Space

And a quote from a NASA video.

So just as every planet has a gravity field, we think that every planet has a weak electric field. So we went looking for Venus’ electric field and Boy Oh Boy did we find it.
Venus’ ‘Force Monster’ Electric Field Strips Water From Atmosphere | NASA video

electric wind Venus universe plasma cosmology

Abstract from the research paper on the Venus Electric Wind.

One mechanism thought to be important at all planets is an “ambipolar” electric field that helps ions overcome gravity. We report the discovery and first quantitative extraterrestrial measurements of such a field at the planet Venus. Unexpectedly, despite comparable gravity, we show the field to be five times stronger than in Earth’s similar ionosphere.

Contrary to our understanding, Venus would still lose heavy ions (including oxygen and all water-group species) to space, even if there were no stripping by the solar wind. We therefore find that it is possible for planets to lose heavy ions to space entirely through electric forces in their ionospheres and such an “electric wind” must be considered when studying the evolution and potential habitability of any planet in any star system.
The electric wind of Venus: A global and persistent polar wind like ambipolar electric field sufficient for the direct escape of heavy ionospheric ions

Don’t use the EU word!

Previously it seemed that everything in space could and must be explained without using specific words and phrases such as plasma, Birkeland Currents, electricity in space etc.

Then over the last few years we started to read press releases that began to use these similar EU and Plasma Cosmology words.

electric wind venus solar system plasma cosmology

Although an actual Electric Universe theory explanation was never going to be linked.

Are they now desperately playing catchup and trying to hijack these phrases? Are they trying to steal the Electric Wind out of the Electric Universe sails?

Boy Oh Boy, it observes like an Electric Universe

Or is it just obvious to some of them that natural electromagnetism and electricity in space is a very important factor?

electric wind Venus

So they might as well use the best descriptive phrases to convey the new startling and previously unpredicted observations in a Gravity Universe. Boy Oh Boy, it looks like an Electric Universe.

But they still have to be careful as they can not commit gravity blasphemy. They also do not want or can not be linked to the pseudo science Electric Universe theory. Those EU’ers would even dare use a term like an ‘Electric Wind’ in a Gravity Universe.