electric universe theory evidence experiments list

Electric Universe theory evidence experiments

electric universe theory evidence experiments listElectric Universe theory evidence experiments – one of the suggested weaknesses with the EU theory is that there is little direct empirical experimental evidence.

eu theory evidence experimentsMost Electric Universe theory evidence or interpretation of results/observations that backs up the EU theory, are piggy backed from mainstream science experiments/telescopes etc.

This is mainly due to the fact that scientists and those universities and companies that fund and agree to experiments are looking at a Gravity Universe and potential profits. Which is totally understandable.

The problem is getting funding which means partial acceptance for a fringe, crazy, crackpot, non mainstream, Velikovsky inspired theory. The Electric Universe is not even allowed on Wikipedia so why would they want to investigate it!

Electric Universe evidence experiments

If it did get funding then what EU theory experiments would run?

The other option is what theoretical if not physically practical experiments would help prove or give empirical evidence that it is an Electric Universe and not a Gravity Universe or a Big Bang Universe?

A list of EU theory evidence experiments will be added here or click for a list of articles.

Electric Universe theory experiments list

If you have any ideas, suggestions, criticism for new experiments or for the ones listed then please comment.