electric universe theory evidence circuits connections

EU theory evidence: circuits connecting everything?

electric universe evidence circuits connections
Earths magnetosphere
If it is an Electric Universe then there should be evidence of circuits and connections between everything.

The EU theory would suggest that all matter, life, planets, suns, solar systems, galaxies etc should be connected in various ways.

Mostly in a variation of ‘circuitry form’ or exchanges of energy in various electromagnetic guises?

New Horizons scientists are also presenting findings about how Pluto and its moons interact with the solar wind, a constant stream of particles and plasma that flows from the sun and is still traveling at 900,000 miles per hour (1.4 million kilometers per hour) at Pluto. Pluto’s outflowing atmosphere provides a source of neutral atoms that can exchange electrons with the solar wind’s positively charged atoms of oxygen (O), carbon (C), and nitrogen (N).
New Findings from NASA’s New Horizons Shape Understanding of Pluto and its Moons | NASA

eu theory evidence circuits connectionsBelow will eventually be a list of various circuits found in our Universe, these will link to articles or this sites posts about each category.

electric universe theory evidence circuits connections

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