electric universe theory evidence experiments asteroid discharge

EU theory evidence: asteroid discharge experiment

deep impact flash
Deep Impact mission electrical discharge on Comet Tempel 1

Electric Universe theory evidence: asteroid discharge experiment to reveal that asteroids are electrically charged, similar to comets.

Asteroid electrical discharge experiment

A variation of the Deep Impact mission to Comet Tempel 1 but with an asteroid as the target.

1)The asteroid must have previously been in a part of its orbit in deep space that is not near any other space bodies but now coming towards the sun.
2) The spacecrafts orbit has spent as much time as it can close to the sun and its solar wind (plasma). This should positively charge the projectiles compared to a relatively negatively charged asteroid.
3) The spacecraft carries two large copper or metal projectiles.
4) Spacecraft flies rapidly past the asteroid. This is so the spacecraft/projectiles will not naturally have time to electrical balance with the asteroid.
5) The spacecraft releases one of the projectiles that should skim the asteroid as close as it can without hitting it. It needs to be within meters, or, just graze the top of one of its rocky ridges!
6) The other projectile is released to actual impact into the asteroid after the first projectile has skimmed past. This is insurance in case the first projectile is not close enough to trigger an electrical discharge.

Variation 1
Easier but riskier to use a non active asteroid in a known “active asteroid” location/orbit?

Experimental observations for Electric Universe theory evidence

eu theory evidence experiments asteroid discharge
Comet Tempel 1 explosion/discharge

A) The projectile should cause the asteroid to electrically discharge, creating a Deep Impact flash and a discharge crater (without hitting the surface).

B) The spacecraft should cause the asteroid to start jetting or become an electrical active asteroid (comet), even if only for a few minutes. Again similar to the Deep Impact after glow/discharge.

Suggestions or issues for this EU theory experiment?

electric universe theory evidence experiments asteroid discharge
Electric Universe theory evidence experiments: asteroid electric discharge

Any other expected EU theory results?

Would the spacecraft be able to observe the results if it is traveling rapidly, especially the relatively longer term after glow?

How could you observe it without being to close to influence the electrical environment? Use an asteroid that is coming relatively close to the Earth?

Could you increase the positive electrical charge of the projectiles? Could you use an electrical charged device that is not a heavy metal projectile?