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# The Iron Age Of Mars
# God’s Fire: Moses and the management of Exodus
# Extraterrestrial Sands
# Polygonal crater formation by electrical discharges
# The Extinction of the Mammoth

@rawls_rawls Basics of @tboltsproject EU:
# A Beginner’s View of our Electric Universe
# Thunderbolts of the Gods
# Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High-Current Z-Pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity
# The Electric Sky


Cosmic Rays, Magnetic Shift Instability, Storm Alert | Suspicious Observers News Apr.9.2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mRFPY1WTwk | @TheRealS0s #PlasmaCosmology

Sonic Booms Make Those Stringy Things:   Electric bolt from the TPOD Vault April 9, 2012 Consensus astronomy proposes that thunder causes lightning. Infrared images... https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2021/04/09/sonic-booms-make-those-stringy-things-3/ | @tboltsproject #ElectricUniverse

History* | Early dispersal of neolithic domesticated sheep into the heart of central Asia: Along the Tian Shan and Alay mountain ranges of Central Asia, sheep and other domestic livestock form the core economy of contemporary life.… https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2021/04/210408112349.htm |*not New Chronology

Space News* | Curiosity rover explores stratigraphy of Gale crater: Gale Crater's central sedimentary mound (Aeolis Mons or, informally, Mount Sharp) is a 5.5-km-tall remnant of the infilling and erosion of this ancient impact crater.… https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2021/04/210408152247.htm | *not EU view

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The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies | Expert multidisciplinary news. SIS also publishes the interesting Chronology & Catastrophism Review journal where the Letters To The Editor are a very debatable delight.

Plasma Cosmology | Daily Suspicious 0bservers video’s.

Thunderbolts ‘official’ EU theories | Daily info on The Picture Of the Day and Youtube Space News videos.

Everything Is Electric Twitter | @Elec_Universe