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Electric Universe talk – London 26th February

electric universe theory eu meeting talk london england uk philip francesThere will be a free Electric Universe theory talk by Philip Francis in London on Friday 26th of February 2016. The talk is titled The History of the World & Then Some.

You can get a flavour of the talk by reading Phil’s The History of the World & Then Some article on the Gathering of Minds site.

Phil runs the Electric Cosmology Facebook group. He also has his own blog.
Philip Francis
Below are the notes for the EU theory talk, details of the meeting and an introduction to its speaker Phil Francis.

Most essential to note is that you will be able to talk to Phil and discuss with others interested in the Electric Universe after the meeting, as they will be going to the local pub for a pint.

Electric Universe theory talk – London England

This Friday 26th of February 2016 Philip Francis will be giving a talk at an Astronomy Association in North London entitled ‘The History of the World & Then Some’. Doors open at 20:00 for a 20:30 start and is free to get in.

The address is- The Crypt, Hampstead Parish Church, Church Row, London, NW3 6UU. Entrance is to the back and left of the main Church building. With the Q & A session after, the talk will be about an hour and a half, so there will still be time to have a pint or two at a local hostelry afterwards.

In contrast to accepted explanations of Earth’s history, this talk not only questions the commonly accepted time line of our planet’s past but also the solar system’s formation as a whole and so the universe in general.
Electric Universe meeting talk EU theory
It is also outside of any religious considerations but not totally dismissing them as recording events. So this presentation is primarily designed to show the difference between how main stream science comes to its conclusions about how reality works and the method used by the Electric Universe community.

If anyone does plan on coming to the talk, then it is advisable that they are not late as the beginning of the talk goes over the basic science of the very real world of plasma physics and which should be taken on board in order put into perspective the Electric Universe view of how our reality works.
Philip Francis

When the twisting Birkeland Current filaments encounter denser patches of plasma as they travel, the plasma between them will be squeezed and pinched together and a sphere will be formed by the magnetic fields and this is called a Z-Pinch, which is also known as a Bennett Pinch, being named after its discoverer.

The constricted plasma sphere because it is held in place by the magnetic fields around it will then be taking on so much charge that it will then have to start to discharge some of that electricity and so because of the power involved will arc and it is this that we see as a star shining, or indeed at a bigger scale, a glowing bulge at the centre of galaxies.

Examples of the smaller star pinch but with more plasma density than is found than in our neck of the woods, can be seen in the currents nearer to the centre of our Milky Way galaxy, in the bipolar planetary nebular, with M2-9 being probably the most famous example of them all.

It is simply impossible for gravity to create these structured forms and they can only be made by magnetic fields and there is only one thing that makes magnetic fields and that is electricity.

As we travel away from a galaxies centre the plasma density and the amount of charge running through the arms decreases, so by the time we get as far out as we are in our part of the galaxy, the limbs on either side of our sun are in plasma discharge mode 1 or Dark Mode and so cannot be seen in visible to human eyesight.

Meeting Report 03/03/2016

The EU talk went well with around 20 people filling the room. The ideas of the Electric Universe were new and sometimes shocking to most of those attending.

The facts and interpretations talked about raised lots of interested questions from people who normally only hear the mainstream astronomy version. But Phil’s views on Einstein, from an EU theory point of view, may not have been appreciated by most!

Importantly, Phil finished the talk and answered the questions with enough time for them to help the local economy before last orders.

Philip Francis – Electric Universe spokespersons

Philip Francis Electric Universe theory
Philip Francis is one of the leading spokespersons in the UK and Europe for the Electric Universe Theory. Although he gives talks in Open Discussion Groups in Universities and other societies and so is now a leading exponent of an electric cosmology, his background is as a creative.

Originally he was commercial photographic artist working in the world of advertising. After some years he left that behind to further his own creative output and this has manifested in among other things, oil paintings, pencil drawings, photography, acting, writing and horticulture.

Outside of this, he further studied (being autodidact by nature with Faraday being a great inspiration) his other love, that of the sciences and once he discovered the Electric Universe, he found that with his existing knowledge of electricity and astronomy, he pretty instantly saw the merits of an Electric Universe.

After writing about the subject in his blog he set up the Facebook Group ‘Electric Cosmology’ so others could have a resource where people could both learn the basics plus discuss the day to day findings and past history of the cosmology.

He is one of the first points of call in the UK and Europe for anyone who wishes to know more about the Electric Universe and is closely associated with the main umbrella group for the theory, the Thunderbolts Project.