Electric Universe evidence articles

Electric Universe evidence?

Electric Universe evidence articlesElectric Universe Theory evidence? NASA have declaered it is not just a Gravity Universe but now also a Magnetic Universe.

Articles that depending on your views, theories or interpretation may provide evidence for EU theory.

Electric Universe theory evidence?

Links to a few articles that discuss EUT predictions. Also SAFIRE plasma laboratory experiments.

Every theory must be tested so a list of articles and arguments that debunk or have evidence/arguments against the EU theory and also the sort of related Plasma Cosmology.

Not isolated planet Earth

Planet Earth use to be an isolated oddball planet in the solar system. Internally we had to have a molten iron core to produce our magnetosphere and north and south pole. But now we are directly connected to the Sun at least every 8 minutes with monstrous plasma filaments do we still need an iron core? Electromagnetism might explain our magnetic planet and magnetic universe? And if you have magnetized structures would it imply an Electric Universe?

Fast and slow Solar wind

Energised and accelerated Sun’s plasma. Natural electromagnetic chemical elements and particle accelerators.

The highest-energy events that occur in the solar system are solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CME) producing a significant release of plasma and associated magnetic fields from the solar corona at speeds ranging from 100 to 3,500 km/s. The gigantic solar plasma cloud and the accompanying powerful shock wave can reach our planet in one to five days, causing severe geomagnetic storms. Solar flares involve the release of a tremendous amount of energy equivalent to that of dozens of millions of hydrogen bombs, and exceeding the amount of energy produced on Earth in a year. These energy bursts affect people and electric equipment alike. The effects of solar events on people are confirmed by abundant historical evidence…

The analysis of unique space data revealed extremely fast lateral expansion of the CME, triggering a solar tsunami ‒ a powerful plasma shock wave traveling at up to 1,100 km/s. The CME radial acceleration peak was 5.3 km/s2, while its lateral expansion peak reached 10.1 km/s2—the largest value in the history of solar observations.
Getting a grip on space weather

Birkeland currents and filaments, scalable and everywhere? Related articles.

What is gravity? Answer: We don’t really know

We know what we call the force of gravity does but what the origin of gravity is still a mystery and just a theory. After all these years? Isaac Newton worked on celestial mechanics, gravity from the 1660’s. And science still can not state exactly what gravity is.

What is gravity? Answer: We don’t really know. We can define what it is as a field of influence, because we know how it operates in the universe. And some scientists think that it is made up of particles called gravitons which travel at the speed of light. However, if we are to be honest, we do not know what gravity “is” in any fundamental way – we only know how it behaves.
What is gravity? (nasa.gov)

ftes flux transfer events themis

… until recently many scientists didn’t believe in. A magnetic portal will open, linking Earth to the sun 93 million miles away. Tons of high-energy particles may flow through the opening before it closes again … “It’s called a flux transfer event or ‘FTE,'” says space physicist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center. “Ten years ago I was pretty sure they didn’t exist, but now the evidence is incontrovertible.”
Magnetic Portals Connect Earth to the Sun

Astronomers have shown that dead stars known as white dwarfs can re-ignite and explode as supernovas.
Dead stars ‘can re-ignite’ and explode

electric universe theory evidence Mercury Magnetosphere

Mercury and Earth are the only rocky planets in the solar system to possess global magnetic fields, and for years scientists have puzzled over why Mercury’s is so flimsy. Roiling molten iron cores generate magnetic fields, and given how extraordinarily iron-rich Mercury is for its size — its metallic heart may comprise two-thirds of Mercury’s mass, twice the ratio for Earth, Venus or Mars — the innermost planet should have a magnetic field 30 times stronger than what spacecraft such as NASA’s MESSENGER probe have detected so far.
Solar Wind May Explain Planet Mercury’s Puny Magnetic Field

Polar wind or plasma fountain is the permanent outflow of ionized gas (plasma) from the polar regions of the magnetosphere,[2] caused by the interaction between the solar wind and the Earth’s atmosphere.
Earth’s Plasma fountain

ganymede jupiter aurora connection triggers electric universe

Io’s interaction with Jupiter’s magnetosphere

Because no light can get out, people can’t see black holes. They are invisible. Space telescopes with special tools can help find black holes. The special tools can see how stars that are very close to black holes act differently than other stars.
What Is a Black Hole?

Geology evidence for an Electric Universe?

“This was a really surprising observation,” said Andrews-Hanna, whose study appears in the journal Nature. “It has really challenged our understanding of the evolution of the moon. There’s the very fact that we’re talking about rift valleys on the moon. Those are well known on Earth, and on Mars and Venus, but not on the moon.”
Rift valleys rewrite moon’s fiery history

Lead author Nizar Ibrahim, a palaeontologist from the University of Chicago, said: “It is a really bizarre dinosaur – there’s no real blueprint for it.
Spinosaurus fossil: ‘Giant swimming dinosaur’ unearthed

Other evidence of an Electric Universe?

So quite weirdly the Leucochloridium worms must themselves know the difference between night and day. “What is most amazing is that these brood sacs are pulsating only in daylight,” said Wesołowski. “They have no photosensitive anything—no trace of, say, any nervous system, no sense organs. Nothing. Still they recognize when it’s worth pulsating and when it’s not worth pulsating. So that’s very, very unusual. Nobody knows how it’s achieved.”
The Parasitic Worm That Turns Snails Into Disco Zombies