tunguska explosion experiment

How to trigger a Tunguska event

tunguska explosion experimentUsing records of what occurred before and during the Tunguska event in Russia in 1908, combined with the EU theory, you should be able to trigger another Tunguska explosion or more recently the Russian meteor event (Chelyabinsk meteor).

If you ran this as a real life experiment(!) then it should show Electric Universe theory evidence.

What was the Tunguska event?

The Tunguska event was a massive explosion. It is a mystery as to what exactly caused it as it was in a relatively barren area. Also the asteroid or fragment of an asteroid was not big enough to track before it entered our atmosphere and become a super bolide (bright fireball). Similar to the Russian meteor event (2013) that surprised the world.

trigger a tunguska event experimentIt would seem to have been an air explosion of some form or part of an asteroid/comet airburst.

The Electric Universe theory would suggest that the Earth discharged to the differently charged asteroid and the asteroid exploded under immense electrical stress.

tunguska event meteor bollide asteroid comet explosionYou would expect this to be something similar to mega upwards lightning striking the asteroid but was the “lightning” strike or high energy plasma discharge actually from the upper atmosphere? Something like the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster and the NASA Space Tether Experiment?

For more on the effects of the Tunguska event days before the explosion, during and afterwards please read the thunderbolts articles – Tunguska the Fire in the Sky and The Tunguska Event

EU theory evidence: Tunguska event experiment

  • A large copper or metal projectile that has been put on an orbit taking it deep into space, not near any other solar bodies or their plasma tails. This should make the projectiles charge different to the Earths. The projectile must have a very large different charge to the Earth.
  • The projectiles orbit makes it rapidly and as vertically as possible enters the earths atmosphere.

Variation 1:
Could you use just a massively charged device, instead of just a large metal projectile? If it was metal could you help increase its charge?

Variation 2:
If you wanted something similar to the actual Tunguska event you should make the projectiles approach much slower and its path shallower.

Electric Universe evidence predictions/results?

  • This experiment should trigger an earth to air (ground to cloud might be the technical name?), or an upper atmosphere to air/cloud discharge.
  • tunguska asteroid event explosion experiment

    Apart from the Tunguska event type explosion of the projectile you should get:

  • Some forms of electrical connection between the projectile and the Earths electrical circuit before the projectile enters our atmosphere? If the projectile is traveling very fast in relation to the earth these may not appear that long before the event if at all observable?
  • There should also be electromagnetic events or disturbances afterwards.
  • Crater?

Obvious issues are where over land would you be allowed to do this and how would you get a large enough object into space?