ganymede jupiter aurora connection triggers electric universe

The Ganymede Takeover

ganymede aurora polar jupiter mechanism The latest news about Jupiters moon Ganymede is not that surprising in an Electric Universe but how science and astronomy has interpreted the data and come up with new theories is as surreal and crazy as Philip K Dick’s book The Ganymede Takeover.

Ganymede – the only moon (discovered so far) to have its own electromagnetic field also has polar aurora.

Science suggests that this is all due to a salty ocean beneath the Ganymede’s rocky surface and mantle.

ganymede aurora electromagnetic energy moon onlyBut could it be more to do with the electrical circuit and magnetosphere of the Jupiter system and its mooons? Io is electrically connected to Jupiter in an amazing circuit.

Ganymede is the largest moon in our solar system and the only moon with its own magnetic field. The magnetic field causes aurorae, which are ribbons of glowing, hot electrified gas, in regions circling the north and south poles of the moon. Because Ganymede is close to Jupiter, it is also embedded in Jupiter’s magnetic field. When Jupiter’s magnetic field changes, the aurorae on Ganymede also change, “rocking” back and forth.

By watching the rocking motion of the two aurorae, scientists were able to determine that a large amount of salt water exists beneath Ganymede’s crust, affecting its magnetic field.
NASA’s Hubble Observations Suggest Underground Ocean on Jupiter’s Largest Moon

ganymede jupiter aurora connection triggers electric universeWill there be found links and patterns between all 3 of Jupiter, Io and Ganymede? There should be links or effects of one on the othes as they are individual components in the plasma circuit.

And now in theory the fun begins …

ganymede jupiter aurora polar south north connection ioBecause Ganymede’s magnetosphere has no other alternative other the mechanism of an interior salty ocean – especially not in an Electric Universe – any new findings will be based on this subterranean ocean geology theory.

Which has to produce interesting and surprising results – not the actual things themselves but the theory of how they came to be formed and are still there.

A bizarre bulge approximately half as tall as Mount Kilimanjaro has been found on Ganymede, the largest moon in the solar system, and the unusual feature may have something to do with the subsurface ocean recently discovered on the Jovian satellite, according to reports.

ganymede jupiter aurora  electric universe evidence The feature suggests that at one time, Ganymede’s icy shell rotated atop the rest of the moon. Schenk believes that the bulge began growing at one of the poles, and then moved into a different position once its mass grew large enough. The shell slid atop the ocean, while the interior of the moon stayed in the same orientation, causing it to wind up at the equator.

… If the bulge formed at one of Ganymede’s poles, and if polar wander explains why it is currently located at the moon’s equator, scientists expect that there will be a similar feature opposite this one. Schenk said that they hope to confirm that when the next spacecraft arrives at the moon, but he and his colleagues remain uncertain exactly why the bulge still exists at all.
Bizarre bulge discovered on Ganymede

It is unlikely that they will find the same type of bulge on the opposite side of Ganymede. There may be an geological feature on the opposite side but not the same type of bulge. Similar to Earth’s moon.